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Letters to the editor of the Globe Magazine

Live free or die in New Hampshire, a ‘50s book ban with parallels to today, and more.

Combatting loneliness is one step toward solving the mental health crisis, surgeon general says in N.H. visit

In a visit to New Hampshire Thursday, the surgeon general said the foundation for building a healthy society has crumbled, but we have the power to rebuild it.

Sheriff in N.H. arraigned on felony charges of theft, perjury

The eight charges against Mark Brave carry a total maximum potential sentence of 64 years in prison and fines of up to $32,000. The court entered a not guilty plea on Brave’s behalf.

Bedford, N.H., officials conclude no state laws violated in photos taken of girls at high school

School officials in Bedford, N.H., say they concluded their investigation into allegations that boys took photos of girls without their knowledge and determined that no state laws were violated.

Globe Magazine

The ‘anti woke’ legislation making K-12 teachers in New Hampshire nervous

“I don’t know how you can have a lesson on the Holocaust and genocide and the issue of racism can’t come up,” says a former social studies teacher.

Methuen man rescued in White Mountains after falling on loose rock, officials say

The man was rescued Wednesday after injuring himself in a fall.


Calling for federal action to protect vulnerable kids in N.H.

A Concord attorney says the US Department of Justice has the most power to help kids in New Hampshire’s Youth Detention Center. But the US Attorney he reached out to says her hands are tied.

Police search for man who tied up employees of Salem, N.H., loan store and robbed them at gunpoint

A man who wore a Boston Bruins baseball cap, glasses, and a black face mask as he tied up employees of a Salem, N.H., cash loan company during an armed robbery is now being sought by law enforcement in two states, officials said.