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More New Hampshire Headlines

Expert review of Harvard morgue finds shortcomings in handling donated bodies

The report comes after the medical school’s morgue manager was charged with stealing and selling body parts.

New Hampshire man ordered held without bail in deaths of Waltham police officer, utility worker

In a courtroom filled with somber police officers, Peter Simon, who had twice before been involved in car chases with police, pleaded not guilty to two counts of manslaughter and other motor vehicle charges.

Man charged in deaths of Waltham police officer and National Grid worker was involved in two police chases in N.H., records show

The man was ordered to spend 5 years in a secure New Hampshire psychiatric hospital after he nearly struck a state police trooper during a chase in that state in 2009, court records show.


Attorney for Franklin, N.H., rejects restaurant owner’s offer to settle her lawsuit against city officials

The owner of the Broken Spoon offered to settle if the city would admit to every count in her complaint and agree to certain conditions, including more police training. The city’s attorney chided the plaintiff for not being considerate enough of officials’ feelings, and he did not suggest a counter offer.


Fannie Mae to make its secret condo blacklist public

But the information will be available only to homeowners’ associations. Move follows Globe story on how unsuspecting buyers and sellers were left in the dark.

Two GOP presidential debates are set for Iowa and New Hampshire in January before the voting begins

CNN announced Thursday that it would host a pair of Republican presidential debates next month in Iowa and New Hampshire.


New Hampshire’s state dog has a storied past

The Chinook breed has led dog sledding trips to the top of Mount Washington and to the South Pole.

NH politics

Republicans confident after 2 special election primaries for N.H. House

Democrats are farther now from seizing a majority of seats in the almost evenly split 400-member chamber than they were a month ago.