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Latest Headlines in Perspective


How scary is ‘Jaws,’ really? My second-grader asked to find out.

At his repeated requests, I watched the 1975 flick with my son. Then came the night terror.


The number of Americans living to 100 is exploding. But there’s a glaring problem.

The rise in centenarians in the US is a good thing for many. But the realm of super-aging isn’t open to all.


Patients still discriminate against health care workers of color. Why don’t more hospitals ban it?

When nurses and doctors experience discrimination from patients, everyone suffers.


In a world of blabber, shutting up and listening is a superpower

The solution is both simple and not easy: figuring out why we’re talking in the first place.


My parents bought our family burial plots years ago. But my plans might change.

I’ve learned the best we can do is have conversations with our loved ones about death rituals and end-of-life planning.


AI is muddying the truth. We’ve known how to fix it for centuries.

Not only does our concept of truth feel more slippery today, but the long-established ways we arrive at insights and decisions are being compromised.


Why I know the NAACP’s next generation is going to accomplish great things

As national director of the NAACP Youth & College Division, here’s what gives me hope for the future.


Hollywood, please bring intermissions back to your bloated blockbusters. Do it for our kidneys!

Now that every summer movie is an ultra-long epic, it’s time for Hollywood to make a change.