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Latest Headlines in Perspective


At Harvard and beyond, thermodynamics (yes, that’s right) can ease the political divide

You can’t change the world surrounded by people just like you. It’s against the laws of physics.


Our national addiction to super-sized SUVs is killing us

Instead of rewarding pedestrians and cyclists, we punish them as second-class travelers.


As a scientist and patient, I’ll always take part in medical trials

Since age 6, I've been poked and prodded to advance medicine. Here's why it's worth it.


The Globe’s film critic picks 6 holiday movies that are actually good

This year, Odie Henderson decided to put together a little holiday movie festival.


Stop making MCAS a graduation requirement. Students would be better for it.

Massachusetts students could learn important life skills with some of the time they’re made to jump through testing hoops.


What we lost when we lost the Brockton Fair

It’s been canceled for good, leaving residents to ponder about what it meant to the city — and to families like mine.


Congress is weighing a social media ban for kids under 13. Here’s what you can do at home.

Don’t wait for Congress to restrict how Facebook, TikTok, and other platforms engage with young people. Begin with yourself.


We’ve earned these wrinkles. We don’t need to hide them.

Why should I try to erase the wisdom written on my face with fillers and too much Botox?