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With a spike in coronavirus cases, Raimondo calls on Rhode Islanders to cancel Halloween parties and Thanksgiving travel

The governor said she will not close any more K-12 schools or any restaurants and retail businesses because she doesn’t believe that’s how people are getting infected.


Judge Smith’s opinion in a Rhode Island education lawsuit is 🔥

The judge's decision to dismiss a high-profile lawsuit filed by students arguing that a good civics education is their constitutional right was predictable. What wasn't expected was his remarkable commentary in support of the students' premise.


The public expects to see police body-camera videos. The question is when they should.

AG Peter Neronha says releasing the videos to the public is a matter of transparency and police accountability. But he wonders if it's also inappropriate pretrial publicity.


When frequent political candidate Chris Young died, he left behind a valuable campaign website

In a year where the coronavirus pandemic has created so much uncertainty around voting, political strategists say it’s a shame that a website that could have been used for a good cause – encouraging people to vote – is blank.


At Barrett hearing, Whitehouse accuses conservatives of seeking to influence the judiciary with a dark money campaign

Without asking the Supreme Court nominee a single question, Whitehouse laid out what he said was a strategy by small group of influential conservatives to cement control of the federal judiciary.


As R.I. COVID-19 cases soar past the Phase 3 limit, will Raimondo bring back some restrictions?

The data reported by the state Department of Health Tuesday afternoon showed that the week ending Saturday had 120 new cases per 100,000 population, easily exceeding the governor’s limit of 100 new cases and the highest rate since mid-May.


Meet the Brown University economist who argues that K-12 schools aren’t super-spreaders of the coronavirus

Economist Emily Oster says that either kids aren't spreading the virus as much as predicted, or all of the precautions that have been taken (like masks and staggered schedules) are working.


A chaotic campaign helped save Rhode Island’s House speaker in 2016. Now it threatens to end his political career

With early voting scheduled to begin Wednesday, House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello’s back is against the wall after the criminal trial of a former campaign aide accused of money laundering.


In 2020, Libertarian candidates are grassroots activists, not former governors

Libertarian VP candidate Jeremy Cohen says that’s why Lincoln Chafee’s candidacy was short-lived.


Pawtucket learning center champions equity through arts, sports, and technology

ASTRO will use a $25,000 Social Enterprise Greenhouse loan to offer adult day care services amid the coronavirus pandemic.

University of Rhode Island tells frats, sororities to shelter in place

The University of Rhode Island issued a two-week shelter-in-place order Friday for fraternity and sorority members, citing a high number of coronavirus cases in the school’s Greek system.