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Wealthiest hospitals getting billions in US bailout

The government has disbursed $72 billion since April to hospitals and other health care providers through its bailout program. So far, the riches are flowing in large part to hospitals with deep financial reserves. Smaller, poorer hospitals are receiving tiny amounts, by comparison.

Sanofi to sell stake in Regeneron worth $13 billion

Sanofi is selling a stake in Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. valued at about $13 billion, giving the French drug giant more firepower to invest in fast-growing fields such as cancer.

Minority-owned businesses suffering worse than most, research shows

The number of working African American business owners in the United States plummeted more than 40 percent as the coronavirus shut down much of the economy — a far steeper drop than other racial groups experienced.

Cleaning isn’t just cleaning anymore. It’s a major consumer confidence play

As the Massachusetts economy begins to reopen, retailers, office buildings, maybe even public transit will be disinfecting in plain sight to reassure the public

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Cruise line gives refunds to some, credits to others as ships remain docked by pandemic

Cruise ships, with thousands of people tightly packed for extended periods of time, have long been known as efficient incubators of illnesses. After the pandemic hit, cruise lines began offering refunds or credits for canceled trips, sometimes in a confusing procedure.

Memorial Day weekend draws crowds and triggers warnings

Despite warnings from public health officials, Memorial Day weekend drew big crowds around the United States, from Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri to beaches in Florida.

To avoid layoffs, some companies turn to pay cuts, defying conventional wisdom

It was late and Martin A. Kits van Heyningen feared he was letting the team down at the company he co-founded, KVH Industries.

Straighten your teeth without office visits? Startup says yes, and sales surge

Straight teeth without office visits boosts startup 1,000%

Retailers are in a deep hole as they reopen for curbside pickups only

Thousands of retailers are returning to their cash registers for the first time in weeks, only to face a dramatically altered landscape.

With summer travel plans in doubt, demand for backyard pools is surging

The surge in demand is an indication that more people may be planning to stay close to home in June, July, and August, instead of booking hotel rooms in resort areas.

Boris Johnson faces calls to fire chief aide after lockdown breach

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing growing pressure to sack his chief adviser, Dominic Cummings, following reports that Cummings broke the government’s lockdown rules more than once.

Much of the establishment backed Charlie Baker during the pandemic. There has been one exception

The Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce surprised other business groups by repeatedly pressing Baker for more details on reopening.


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