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Saudi Arabia, Russia push on with talks for a deal to end oil price war

Russia and Saudi Arabia want the United States to join in, but President Trump has shown little willingness to do so.

As trolls invade, Zoom vows action

Zoom’s boss embarked on an apology tour to reassure users that he’s working to improve security and privacy on the videoconferencing app.

Children stuck at home are getting more screen time than ever

For David Krieger's kids in south Florida, screens were a weekend treat. Now, every day is iPad-appropriate.

Greece puts migrant facility on lockdown

Greece has put a migrant facility outside Athens on lockdown for 14 days after a 53-year-old Afghan developed coronavirus symptoms Saturday afternoon.

Stop stressing: You don’t need a 20% down payment to buy a home

Thirty-seven percent of nonhomeowners say not having enough saved for a down payment is holding them back from homeownership

United Airlines cutting flights at LaGuardia, Newark

United Airlines is temporarily slashing the number of its flights in and out of New York City-area airports to keep employees safe during the coronavirus outbreak, a top executive told employees on Saturday.

Speaker Pelosi aims to bring up next coronavirus stimulus this month

Communities in the US “cannot afford to wait” for the next coronavirus stimulus, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a letter to House lawmakers, adding “it is my hope that we will craft this legislation and bring it to the floor later this month.”

Trump says he would use Defense Act to retaliate on coronavirus supplies

President Trump said he would use the Defense Production Act to retaliate in cases where companies ship medical equipment elsewhere that’s needed in the US to cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump rejects voting-by-mail amid coronavirus, citing fraud concerns

President Trump said he doesn’t support mail-in voting as a way to limit the spread of the coronavirus, arguing that sending ballots increases the likelihood of fraud.

More than a quarter-million cases of coronavirus reported in the US, with the death toll climbing past 7,000

The number of the people infected in the US exceeded a quarter-million and the death toll climbed past 7,000, with New York state alone accounting for more than 2,900 dead, an increase of over 560 in just one day. Most of the dead are in New York City, where hospitals are swamped with patients.

Mega Millions change means jackpots will be big, not massive

The group that oversees the lottery game announced Friday it was following the lead of Powerball, the other national lottery game, and reducing its future jackpots.

Thousands flood banks as federal small-business loan program has a chaotic first day

The launch of a $349 billion loan program that is key to the government's hopes of helping the nation's small businesses survive the coronavirus economic downturn got off to a rocky start Friday as the big banks in charge of doling out the money said they weren't prepared or were limiting applicants to their closest customers.

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State unemployment agency adds staff, still nearly overwhelmed

In two weeks, the Department of Unemployment Assistance increased the number of employees returning calls to 550, from 50, and it’s likely to increase again.

White House convenes oil CEOs as bust threatens US boom

Executives of Chevron, Exxon, and other large and medium-size petroleum companies and industry trade groups, as well as Republican lawmakers, met with Trump Friday.