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Inflation in Europe falls to 2.4 percent. It shows interest rates are packing a punch.

It’s a far cry from the peak of 10.6 percent in October 2022 as an energy crisis left Europe’s households and businesses struggling to make ends meet.

OPEC+ suppliers struggle to agree on cuts to oil production even as prices tumble

That’s been a good thing for US drivers, who have been able to fill their gas tanks for less money in recent months and whose costs at the pump can be sensitive to moves by the OPEC+ coalition.


No special authority needed if rail extended to Western Mass., report says

Stories you may have missed from the world of business.

Conservative Supreme Court justices seem open to an attack on the Securities and Exchange Commission

A majority of the nine-member court suggested that people accused of fraud by the SEC should have the right to have their cases decided by a jury in federal court, instead of by the SEC’s in-house administrative law judges.

US economic growth for last quarter is revised up to a 5.2% annual rate

In the current fourth quarter, though, economists say growth is likely slowing sharply from the cumulative effects of higher borrowing rates on consumer and business spending.


Textron plans to cut more than 700 jobs

The layoffs will not impact its Providence, R.I.-based headquarters, the company said.

Okta says hackers stole data for all customer support users

The company warns that customers may face an increased risk of attacks and urged them to use strong multifactor authentication.

GM says it can handle rising labor costs as it announces huge share buyback and dividend increase

Due to $2 billion worth of annual efficiency gains and cost reductions expected by the end of next year, the company said it can can handle $9.3 billion in labor cost increases from US and Canadian union contracts through April of 2028.