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Susan Collins was asked whether systemic racism is a problem in Maine. She gave a brief answer.

Senator Susan Collins, during her final debate with Democratic challenger Sara Gideon on Wednesday, said she did not think systemic racism was a problem in Maine.

Wisconsin Republican Party says hackers stole $2.3 million

Party officials said hackers were able to manipulate invoices from four vendors who were being paid to distribute pro-Trump material. When the invoices were paid, the money went to the hackers.

With seemingly endless political season almost over, Maine voters are ready to exhale

The Senate race between Republican incumbent Susan Collins and Democratic challenger Sara Gideon has generated a blizzard of TV ads, most of them negative.

Susan Collins, Sara Gideon clash in final debate before Election Day

Sen. Susan Collins and Democratic challenger Sara Gideon squared off over attack ads, health care, and Supreme Court nominations.

Supreme Court leaves NC absentee ballot deadline at Nov. 12

The justices, by a 5-3 vote, refused to disturb a decision by the State Board of Elections to lengthen the period from three to nine days because of the coronavirus pandemic.


Senate Democratic candidates have momentum everywhere — except Maine

Why can't Sara Gideon shake off Susan Collins?

Ex-Homeland Security aide Miles Taylor says he’s ‘Anonymous’

Miles Taylor, a former Department of Homeland Security chief of staff, has announced that he is “Anonymous,” the senior White House administration official who claimed to be part of a “resistance” working “from within” to thwart President Trump’s “worst inclinations."

Watch live: President Trump holds a press conference in Nevada

President Trump is holding a press conference in Nevada as he enters his final days of campaigning for re-election.

Student Q+A on Election 2020
Boston Globe political reporters answer students’ questions on the 2020 presidential race.