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Retired General McChrystal endorses Seth Moulton’s presidential bid

Retired Army General Stanley McChrystal endorsed Representative Seth Moulton’s presidential bid on MSNBC Thursday.

Trump claims he was ‘not happy’ with ‘send her back’ chant, but did nothing to stop it

President Trump claims that he thought he ended the chant at the rally, saying ‘‘'I felt badly about it.’’ But video shows him pausing his remarks and not admonishing his supporters.

Susan Collins’ popularity drops in poll of Maine residents

The poll, released by Morning Consult on Thursday, showed Collins as the second most unpopular senator in the US with a 45 percent approval rating, and 48 percent saying they disapprove of her job performance.

Trump discussed quashing stories about affairs before election, court records say

Court records show that in the days leading up to the 2016 election, President Donald Trump spoke with aides rushing to squash stories about alleged affairs he had.

Jon Stewart, 9/11 first responder slam Rand Paul for hitting brakes on victim funding bill

The bill would extend though 2092 a victims compensation fund created after the 2001 terrorist attacks, essentially making it permanent.

Warren hits Wall Street, targets private equity firms for ‘legalized looting’

Elizabeth Warren is calling for new rules to curtail the private equity industry, and changing tax rates and loopholes that aid them.

Fact check: Trump’s North Carolina rally

President Trump misrepresented words from Representative Ilhan Omar to make her sound like an Al Qaeda sympathizer and exaggerated the performance of the economy under his watch.

Trump slams congresswomen; crowd roars, ‘Send her back!’

A combative President Trump rallied Republican supporters in North Carolina, harshly criticizing four fiery, left-wing congresswomen of being un-American.