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Washington baseball fans get a quid pro quo: a World Series in exchange for a complicated history

Finally, the capital has found a subject that everyone here can rally behind, something to compete with the impeachment frenzy — baseball fever.

Gabbard slams Clinton after she implies Russia wants the 2020 hopeful as a 3rd-party candidate

Tulsi Gabbard called Hillary Clinton the “embodiment of corruption” after the former Democratic nominee appeared to call Gabbard “the favorite of the Russians” in a recent interview.

Trump says he will nominate deputy energy secretary to replace Rick Perry

President Trump on Friday afternoon said he would nominate Dan Brouillette to be the new secretary of energy.

‘I earned my spurs on the battlefield.’ Mattis laughs off Trump barb at charity gala

Former Defense Secretary James Mattis laughed off an insult hurled at him by President Trump.

‘We can give the whole nation a lesson if they want.’ How Latinos revived a once-dying Pennsylvania city

This small city has changed considerably over the last two decades, and offers hints about what might happen when swing-state voters decide in 2020 if Donald Trump deserves another term.

Share your thoughts: How Latinos revived a once-dying Pennsylvania city

Hazleton is all too familiar with the kind of incendiary anti-immigrant proposals and political dog whistles that have been championed by President Trump. But things have changed.

Trump bashes Democrats as ‘crazy,’ unpatriotic during Texas rally

President Trump tried to turn impeachment rancor into a political rallying cry Thursday, using a Texas rally to bash Democrats as “crazy” and unpatriotic as they push forward with their investigations.

Mulvaney walks back comments on Ukraine

Mick Mulvaney’s comments yesterday undercut Trump’s repeated denials of a quid pro quo that linked US military aid for Ukraine to an investigation that could help Trump politically.