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Officials see extremist groups, disinformation in protests

US officials sought to determine Sunday whether extremist groups had infiltrated police brutality protests across the country and deliberately tipped largely peaceful demonstrations toward violence — and if foreign adversaries were behind a burgeoning disinformation campaign on social media.

Supreme Court rejects challenge to limits on church services

A divided Supreme Court on Friday rejected an emergency appeal by a California church that challenged state limits on attendance at worship services that have been imposed to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Timeline: President Trump’s tweets about Twitter

A look at how President Trump's attitude toward Twitter has changed over the years.

Twitter helped make Trump president. Now they’re at war

Twitter this week pushed back on Trump’s online practices in a a soft blow to his communication strategy and a jab at his ego. But Trump is showing no signs of abandoning his favorite social media platform.

Trump walks back his incendiary Minneapolis ‘thugs’ post

President Donald Trump spent Friday walking back his post-midnight “thugs” tweet about Minneapolis protesters that added to outrage over the police killing of a black man.

Trump says US terminating relationship with World Health Organization

The US is the largest source of financial support to the WHO and its exit is expected to significantly weaken the organization.

Barack Obama calls for end to bigotry that ‘infects our institutions and our hearts’

The former president on Friday called for an end to racial bigotry and unequal treatment in law enforcement and other American institutions in a statement that described the “anguish” he felt over the death of George Floyd in the custody of Minnesota police.

Trump threatens Minneapolis protesters with violence in tweets

President Trump on Friday called those protesting the death of George Floyd, a Black man who died after an officer knelt on his neck, “thugs” and vowed that "when the looting starts, the shooting starts.”