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Forecast | Dave Epstein

It’ll be cool early this week, but summer heat is on the horizon

Depending on your perspective, this week will either be a great week of weather or a little too much of summer too early.

Dave Epstein | Forecast
Maura Kennedy took her dogs Pongo (left) and Cole for a walk to Duxbury Beach.

Get the jackets out for a cool (but not rainy) Mother’s Day

Our fickle New England weather is back on the cloudy side and will remain there for a couple of days.

forecast | Dave epstein
A woman walked under an umbrella along the Charles River.

While it’s wet today, it’ll be amazing tomorrow

Wednesday has been (and will continue to be) dreary and gray. But Thursday is a whole different story.

Forecast | Dave Epstein
It's tulip season, including at Christopher Columbus Park in Boston.

Rain and cool temperatures are expected this week

Rain is in the forecast on Wednesday, but Thursday is expected to bring sunshine and temperatures possibly in the 70s in some areas.

Dave Epstein | Forecast
A springtime photo opp on the Boston Common.

The work week will conclude on a chilly note, but changes are on the horizon

After being in the mid-50s today, temperatures will reach near 60 on Saturday and well into the 60s for Sunday, with a lot of sunshine.

Dave Epstein | Forecast
Professional kite flyer Glenn Davison launched his trilobite fossil shaped kite on the hilltop field at the Fruitlands Museum in Harvard.

We’re clear of rain, but expect some wind (and maybe one last frost!) ahead

Many of us think of March as a blustery month but April is going to go out on a windy note.

Dave Epstein | FORECAST
A woman walks her dog.

We’re looking at a fairly cool week ahead, but don’t expect much sunshine

In the end, we may not see much rain, either.

Dave Epstein | FORECAST
A person sits on a bench in the Public Garden.

This weekend will bring a coastal chill to Massachusetts

One of the types of weather I really find fascinating is the backdoor cold front — and we’re going to experience one this weekend.