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Steward Health Care’s landlord tries to distance itself, but lends more money

The latest announcement is another indication that changes may be coming to the nine Massachusetts locations that Dallas-based Steward has been struggling to keep afloat.

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The quest for psychedelics in the Amazon would push a Harvard botanist to his limits

Richard Evans Schultes braved malaria and worse to study Indigenous medicine. Now a new generation of scientists wants to finish his work.

In an East Boston gym, soccer gives African refugees a taste of home

A soccer club for teens and young adults is a source of stability amid uncertainty for Guinean immigrants.

Healey demands financial documents from Steward, says company should get out of Mass. hospital market

The governor gave Steward three days to provide critical financial documents that the company has long declined to make public.

Read Governor Healey’s letter to Steward Health Care’s CEO

In a two-page letter to Ralph de la Torre, Healey demanded the company “immediately disclose” audited financial statements, giving the Dallas-based firm a deadline of Feb. 23 to do so.


No one seems to care about this Massachusetts law. That’s a shame.

Drivers can help fight climate change simply by following the rules. Why are people oblivious?

Boston’s homeless shelters for young adults are pressed to their limits by surging demand this winter

As Boston faces an increase in homelessness, the demand for shelter among young people is exceeding the beds available.

‘Game changer’: Mass. doctors hail new federal rule expanding access to methadone

The rule could turn the tide in combating rising levels of opioid overdoses, say addiction specialists.