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Troubled US organ transplant system targeted for overhaul

If successful, the overhaul would leave little unaffected in the sprawling, multibillion-dollar network that sends kidneys, livers and other organs from deceased donors to severely ill recipients.

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Boston startup uses AI to untangle health insurance problems

CodaMetrix’s software is designed to speed up the reimbursement process and cut down on the many frustrating denials.

Beth Teitell | Commentary

First came the weight loss. Then came the drama around Ozempic.

Ozempic started life as a drug to treat Type 2 diabetes. But ever since Hollywood and TikTok discovered it was a miracle weight loss treatment, things have gotten intense.

Boston scientists say they’re a step closer to growing human eggs in the lab

George Church’s lab at the Wyss Institute of Harvard is one of a handful around the globe trying to coax adult stem cells, derived from blood or skin, to become human eggs capable of forming an embryo.

Hospitals plead for flexibility on spending amid soaring costs of temporary nurses

Massachusetts hospitals spent $1.5 billion on temporary labor in 2022, up 610 percent over 2019.

Company offering new AI body scans slated to open in Mass. Experts warn about cost, false positives.

Some experts are concerned that these new body scans for the “worried well” are surging ahead of the current science on AI.


What are the health consequences astronauts face when launching into space?

A University of Rhode Island researcher is working on easing the havoc the lack of gravity has on the muscular, skeletal, and metabolic systems in space.

Three years after COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, how cautious are the experts?

Some say they’ve loosened up, at least in their personal lives, but there are things they’re still keeping an eye on.