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Fixing Boston’s traffic

Boston traffic is a total nightmare. These suggestions could help.

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The clinical value in listening

In medical school, we are trained to say, “I can’t imagine how that must feel,” to empathize with our patients, but the truth is we don’t know what it’s like at all.


Readers React: ‘Why not better serve the larger number of students?’

Would Boston’s African-American and Latino students have a fairer shot at exam school admission if the school department used the MCAS?


Big Number: Eucharistic uncertainty

Most Catholics surveyed by Pew said they don’t believe in a central tenet of their faith.

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Letting a thousand flowers bloom: innovations in building climate resilience

Here’s a sampling of the innovative projects that cities are developing to address climate change.

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Tired of waiting for national push, a buzzing hive of climate resilience innovators is at work in Boston

As California deals with increasingly intense wildfires, the Boston region’s most vulnerable areas wait their turn to confront disaster.

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Losing my religion

The first couple years after I left the religion I was born into — the Jehovah’s Witnesses — I was still worried I might die at Armageddon. That was the punishment for those who left.