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More New Hampshire Business Headlines


Incandescent lightbulbs were being banned. A N.H. man spent $1,700 to hoard thousands of them.

“It’s the gold standard at producing a sunlight-quality color, whereas LEDs . . . often they’re casting out more of a bluish-green light, which is just terrible,” said Kevin Szmyd, 25, of Portsmouth, N.H.

Home insurance companies have pulled out of high climate-risk states. Could that happen in New England?

In the last year, multiple homeowners insurance companies stopped writing policies in states facing high risks of extreme weather events fueled by climate change. A dramatic exodus is unlikely in New England, but risks are rising.

State Street to bring employees back to the office four days a week

Managers will be expected to adopt the new cadence in October, with all other employees to follow in November.


Extreme weather forces New England farmers to be more collaborative than ever

Our farm has bountiful tomatoes and squash but an iffy corn crop. Next door the story might be the opposite.

Witches and love spells abound in NH author’s cozy, queer rom-com

In “This Spells Disaster,” Tori Anne Martin brews magical mixups in new unabashedly ‘fluffy’ new novel.


‘Not acceptable’: N.H. organic certification program at risk of shuttering

Local farmers say the loss could harm their businesses, forcing them to pay more on out-of-state certification or lose their organic certification all together.

Fearful restaurant owner sues Franklin, N.H., alleging conspiracy of retaliation

“If something happens to me, who would I even call?” said the owner of the Broken Spoon, who has been harassed by white supremacists and rebuked by local law enforcement.


Report: No recession for now, but workforce shortage plagues N.H.

The labor shortage in the Granite State is worse now than before the COVID-19 pandemic.