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Youth and Hispanic and Black people were more often infected without COVID shots, study says

Younger, less-educated, Hispanic, and Black people were most likely to have been infected with COVID-19 without having been vaccinated, according to a government study that highlights continuing disparities in immunization rates.

Bivalent COVID boosters give some protection in CDC study, but not much

Experts say it’s still unclear whether the updated shots are any better than earlier versions at preventing hospitalization and severe illness.

A new coronavirus variant has taken over, sparking concerns of a winter surge

So far, COVID cases don’t seem to be rising, but scientists aren’t sure if that will last. And several studies suggest that new booster shots don’t trigger strong immunity to the new variant.

RSV, COVID, and flu are keeping kids out of school — and parents out of work

A new round of viral infections — flu, RSV, COVID-19, and the common cold - is colliding with staffing shortages at schools and daycares to create unprecedented challenges for parents and teachers.

Repeat coronavirus infections can still be dangerous, study suggests

For people who have endured one bout of COVID-19, a question looms: How protected are they from bad outcomes if they’re infected again? Not as much as some might think, according to a study from the Department of Veterans Affairs of nearly 41,000 people who suffered reinfection.

See how many people have received a COVID-19 vaccine in your Mass. town

See who has been vaccinated in your community.

Masks cut COVID-19 spread in schools, study finds

A research paper details a so-called natural experiment that occurred when all but two school districts in the greater Boston area lifted mask requirements in the spring.

COVID hospitalizations are rising in kids under 6 months, CDC director Walensky says

COVID-19 hospitalizations are rising among babies under 6 months old, and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is urging mothers to get vaccinated to reduce the risk of infection in those not yet eligible for shots, Director Rochelle Walensky said.