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Once upon a time in . . . ‘Chinatown’

A new movie history, “The Big Goodbye: ‘Chinatown’ and the Last Years of Hollywood,” evokes nostalgia for a movie that used nostalgia as a weapon.


‘Ordinary Love’ takes an intimate, unsparing look at a couple facing cancer

A breast cancer drama made special by its concern with how a married couple survives the ordeal and by the actors playing that couple.


Full board of France’s Cesar film awards steps down

The move comes amid an uproar over the academy's opaque decision-making process and controversial director Roman Polanski, whose new film leads this year’s nominations.

5 love stories to watch this weekend with or without a Valentine

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s festivities, Single Awareness Day, or you aren’t into the manufactured occasions but want something to watch this long winter weekend, there’s a little love story for everyone.


NEC’s annual film noir concert makes music for ‘Dr. Mabuse’

The annual event features classic films with original music by students and faculty.


On a rampage, ensemble, on tape, on a mission

Documentaries that will be screening in the Greater Boston area.

Jeneé Osterheldt

This Valentine’s Day, ‘The Photograph’ captures love’s whole picture

Anyone can fall in love with the new movie “The Photograph,” but its Blackness is important because it’s so rare we see Black love stories on film visualized so softly and gingerly.


France comes to Providence

The 22nd annual Providence French Film Festival runs Feb. 29-March 5 at Brown University’s Martinos Auditorium in the Granoff Center for the Arts.