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Movie Review | Ty Burr

‘The Irishman’ is a masterpiece from Martin Scorsese

In the 3½-hour gangster epic, the pizzazz of “Goodfellas” is replaced by a moral calculus that grows with stunning power.

‘The Report’ revisits all the president’s torturers from the George W. Bush era

It focuses on the all-consuming efforts of Senate staffer Dan Jones (played by Adam Driver) to reveal both the illegality and ineffectiveness of the CIA's "enhanced-interrogation" program.

In ‘The Good Liar,’ McKellen and Mirren aren’t too true to be good

Watching Ian McKellen and Helen Mirren act is like seeing two masters volleying at Wimbledon. Unfortunately, the ball they’re playing with is worn and waterlogged.

In Greek, ‘Sophia’ means wisdom — in movies, it means glamour

The screen goddess talks about her six-decade career.

Tawdry tabloid, beleaguered behemoth, lauded labeler

Behind the headlines at the National Enquirer

In Focus: At Boston International Kids Film Festival, summer camp is much more than just a vacation

A look at two films about young people managing past trauma, escaping loneliness and isolation, and developing confidence and self-esteem.

Trying to serve two masters in ‘Doctor Sleep’

The movie simultaneously attempts to honor both Stephen King’s writing and Stanley Kubrick's iconic film, "The Shining."


In ‘Synonyms,’ please pardon the young man’s French

The movie, winner of the top prize at this year’s Berlin Film Festival, is antic, poetic, funny, and alarming in equal measure – a real ride.