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Russell Simmons faces the music in HBO’s ‘On the Record’

Like the others documentaries from Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering — “The Invisible War” (2012) and “The Hunting Ground” (2015) — "On the Record" is difficult but essential viewing.


What would it take to get you back to the movie theater?

Has the tipping point finally arrived between watching a movie at home or seeing it in a theater?


Doc Talk: Mexican cuisine; seafood delicacy; feminist view; Oscar rules; grantsmanship

“Diana Kennedy: Nothing Fancy” can be streamed via the Coolidge Corner Theatre’s Virtual Screening room beginning on May 22.


In ‘The Ghost of Peter Sellers,' why Inspector Clouseau as a pirate wasn’t such a good idea

Peter Medak’s “The Ghost of Peter Sellers” recounts his a failed 1973 production with Peter Sellers.


In Focus: ‘The Rabbi Goes West’ goes online

"We had our New England premiere [last fall] as the closing night film of the Boston Jewish Film Festival with a packed house at the Somerville Theatre," said co-director Gerald Peary. "We were going full steam. ... But the coronavirus ended it all.”

When the movies get it just right

Here are a dozen examples of movies perfectly capturing some aspect of life.


In ‘Military Wives,’ it’s a case of keeping the home front singing

The formulaic comedy-drama about a group of British army-base spouses who start a choir is uplifting.


‘Lucky Grandma’: older, maybe wiser, most definitely wilder

The veteran Chinese actress Tsai Chin (“The Joy Luck Club”) is the best reason to see this scrappy Chinatown comedy.