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Latest Headlines in Technology

GM to end OnStar service in older cars because of wireless tech

GM is notifying car and truck owners that older versions of OnStar depend on an early wireless phone technology called 2G, which will be completely phased out by US wireless carriers by year’s end.

Somerville and Seattle scientists use A.I. to design proteins from scratch

The field, known as de novo protein design, is attracting biologists and programmers alike, including teams at tech giants Alphabet, Meta, and Microsoft.

FTX was supposed to sponsor David Ortiz’s charity golf tournament this weekend. Now what?

FTX filed for bankruptcy protection on Nov. 11, less than a month before the nonprofit’s event.


Musk’s Twitter changes haven’t opened the floodgates of disinformation, Somerville firm says

Twitter's plan to restore thousands of accounts that were banned for spreading misinformation or otherwise violating the terms of service is not likely to impact the amount of scamming or disinformation on the service, the firm says.


For now, Musk’s Twitter circus looks like the worst show on Earth

All the virtues and vices of capitalism have been laid bare as the world’s richest man tries to remake the social media company in his own image.

Last defendant in eBay stalking case has cancer, sentencing delayed

Gilbert was among seven former eBay workers who pleaded guilty to criminal charges over the 2019 stalking and harassment of Natick couple David and Ina Steiner.

San Francisco will allow police to deploy killer robots

Opponents said the authority would lead to the further militarization of a police force already too aggressive with poor and minority communities.

Twitter ends its ban on COVID misinformation

The rollback of Twitter’s COVID-19 misinformation policy is just the latest pivot since Elon Musk took control of the company a month ago.