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Latest Headlines in Technology

innovation economy

Three Mass. startups are finalists in national inventor competition

Diverging from the tech and biotech sectors, the companies are focused on making it easier to turn existing dams into power sources, making artificial leather, and detecting brain swelling.

innovation beat

Boston’s leading crypto firm, Circle, keeps shrinking

A year ago, Circle was riding high thanks to increasing use of its USDC stablecoin. Then came the Silicon Valley Bank failure.

Amazon sued by FTC and 17 states over allegations it inflates online prices, overcharges sellers

The antitrust lawsuit against Amazon alleges it uses its position in the marketplace to inflate prices on other platforms, overcharges sellers, and stifles competition.

Amazon to invest up to $4 billion in AI startup Anthropic

Founded by OpenAI veterans, Anthropic has raised more than $1 billion to date with a pitch to make a safer kind of chatbot for such tasks as summarizing, searching, answering questions and coding.

tech lab

In Arlington, an AI news site takes root

In the Boston suburb, there's a new local news site powered by artificial intelligence. It’s an uneasy thought for human journalists who’ve already seen digital technology ravage the industry.

innovation economy

10 insights into the state of today’s tech sector

Venture capitalists are sitting on their wallets, startups are hanging in there, geography is becoming less and less relevant for funding, and other takeaways.

Hollywood studios, writers near deal but AI issue lingers, sources say

Hollywood studios and screenwriters are close to resolving a contract renewal dispute that has paralyzed Hollywood for months, but still don’t have a deal, according to people familiar with the discussions.

Franzen, Grisham, and other prominent authors sue OpenAI

More than a dozen authors are accusing the company of infringing on their copyrights by using their books to train its popular ChatGPT chatbot.