Want to rent the Brattle or the Coolidge?

Both venues are offering this on-premises option, but it costs far more than a movie ticket.

What’s happening (digitally) in the arts world

This week's picks from Globe critics.


Too good to be true?

In 2012, a professor at Harvard Divinity School announced a potentially earth-shaking discovery. A hitherto unknown papyrus fragment suggested that Jesus might have been married.


Aimee Bender gives objects lives all their own

In “The Butterfly Lampshade,” objects behave in ways that blur the line between reality and imagination.


Local bestsellers for the week ending Aug. 2

Bestsellers based on reporting from the independent booksellers of the New England Independent Booksellers Association and IndieBound.


Virtual author readings for Aug. 9-15

A weekly calendar of literary events.


‘Immigration Nation’ offers an alarming close-up view of ICE officers at work

The filmmakers embedded with immigration enforcement agents for 2½ years to produce the Netflix docu-series.


To 1995 and beyond via the movies

"Toy Story" wasn’t the only thing that made it a memorable movie year.

Rediscovering ‘Alias’ with producer-director-actor Ken Olin

The former "Thirtysomething" star, who now produces "This is Us," revisits the J.J. Abrams series that's finding new fans after a spring release on Amazon.

At the Gardner, a goddess of the underworld rises

After sinking for more than a century, the Gardner's ancient Persephone statue stands tall once more.


Decision to put ‘Mulan’ on Disney+ rather than in theaters is an indicator of things to come

The wall between movies in theaters and movies on demand continues to crumble, under assault from COVID-19 and the desperation of major Hollywood studios with increasingly clogged pipes.


Sarah Stewart Johnson looks toward Mars

The “The Sirens of Mars” author explores our endless fascination with the red planet and interweaves that story with her own evolution as a planetary scientist.

A body is found, and a family reacts, in ‘The Boy in the Field’

In her latest novel, Margot Livesey spins a luminous tale of what happens to a family after three teenage siblings discover a young man unconscious in a field. Matthew, Zoe, and Duncan Lang, waiting for an after-school ride from their father, decide to start walking down the Oxford country roads towards home.

In Focus: Seeing post-Soviet society on ice in ‘Red Penguins’

Gabe Polsky's documentary is rollicking, absurd, outrageous, and ominous.


‘Made in Italy': The food is fine, the father-son relations less so

Liam Neeson stars with his real-life son Micheál Richardson.