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What to read when you’re grieving a loved one

These literary works offer good company in the face of tragedy.

‘The Crown’ and more: What TV should I stream now?

Boston Globe television critic Matthew Gilbert is chatting about the best of television available for streaming -- including his just-released top 10 picks for 2020.

Artists ask Harvard, MoMA to remove Philip Johnson’s name, citing racist views

A group of more than 30 prominent artists, architects, and academics are demanding that institutions remove from their spaces the name of Johnson, who championed racist and white supremacist viewpoints in his younger years.

What’s happening in the arts world

This week's picks from Globe critics.


The top 10 TV shows of 2020 (and 10 more that almost made the cut)

In a pandemic year, somehow a drama about chess (!) fit the moment perfectly, leading a list that includes series about the royal family, immigrants finding their way in America, Catherine the Great, and vampires from Staten Island.


Hillary Clinton: series host, executive producer, and subject

The former first lady, senator, and secretary of state will cohost an Apple TV+ docu-series with daughter Chelsea, executive produce a CW anthology drama, and serve as inspiration for a Hulu adaptation of the novel "Rodham."

HomeFront: The year’s best TV, fashion history, remembering John Lennon

The Globe’s picks for staying entertained any day of the week.


Examining ancient healers in ‘The Invention of Medicine: From Homer to Hippocrates’

Scholar Robin Lane Fox takes readers back to a world ruled by the “three great killers” — tuberculosis, malaria, and typhoid — and, in addition to its more abstruse arguments, it brings the human dimensions of that world alive.


Peabody Essex follows a feminist thread through fashion history

An irresistible exhibition celebrates centuries of women who "Made It!" in the fashion biz.


Lost in space in ‘Black Hole Survival Guide’

Janna Levin takes us on a virtual adventure to black holes, a safe trip that we can actually survive as long as we stay far enough away.


Celebrating a favorite writing form in ‘The Glorious American Essay’

If, in contemporary culture, we tend to regard the essay as inherently personal, Phillip Lopate reminds us that it has been, and remains, a mechanism of social and political expression, as well.


Zerlina Maxwell sees a turn on the left with ‘The End of White Politics’

"There’s a need for an adjustment and an evolution,” said the political commentator and author.

Virtual author readings Dec. 6 - 12

All events take place online; visit the venue website for more information.

Local bestsellers for the week ending November 29

Based on reporting from the independent booksellers of the New England Independent Booksellers Association and IndieBound.


Spread cheer and give back with these holiday cards benefiting nonprofits

Doing good with your annual well-wishes is a skill. We’re here to help.