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Ominous ocean warmth points to an active Atlantic hurricane season ahead

Across a strip of the Atlantic Ocean where many cyclones are born, February ocean temperatures are closer to what scientists expect in July.

Eversource, National Grid seek rate hikes to upgrade the grid to handle surge in electrification

Massachusetts' two major utilities are asking for around $2.4 billion over five years to finance improvements to the power grid, amid increasing demand from electric vehicles and heat pumps.

What EV slowdown? Electric transition still booming in Massachusetts.

With almost 64,000 passenger EVs on the roads to start 2024, the battery-powered sector made up 1.3 percent of all passenger vehicles in the state, according to RMV data.

Rope removed from right whale found washed up on Martha’s Vineyard may be from Maine buoy line, officials say

A necropsy of the whale "confirmed a chronic entanglement, with rope deeply embedded in the tail," federal officials said.

Here’s how many private jets besides Taylor Swift’s ride landed in Vegas for the Super Bowl

The private jet that ferried Swift on the last leg of her marathon journey from Tokyo was one of 882 private planes that flew into Las Vegas over the weekend.

For threatened polar bears, the climate change diet is a losing proposition

With Arctic sea ice shrinking from climate change, many polar bears have to shift their diets to land during parts of the summer.

Latest nor’easter revives concerns of sea’s unceasing march on Nantucket

Tuesday's storm brought wind gusts of up to 60 miles per hour and 9 inches of snow to Nantucket. And every time a storm hits, it chips away at the island’s edges.

‘I wanted to go sledding’: The big snow bummer

As the climate warms, southern New England is losing its snow days.