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Jimmy Carter ‘up and walking’ post brain surgery, pastor says

Jimmy Carter’s pastor says the former president is already “up and walking” just a day after undergoing surgery to relieve pressure on his brain from bleeding linked to recent falls.

Top US diplomat testifies that Trump was overheard asking about the ‘investigations’ he wanted

William Taylor, the highest-ranking US official in Ukraine, said for the first time that President Trump was overheard asking another ambassador about “the investigations” he’d urged Ukraine’s leader to conduct one day earlier. Taylor said he learned of Trump’s phone call with the ambassador only in recent days.


Republicans scramble for a message as public impeachment hearings begin

Congressional Republicans tried to disparage testimony by top diplomats, who described a US foreign policy related to Ukraine that was tailored by the White House to serve President Trump’s political interests.

US and Turkey have friendly talks but differences persist

President Trump and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey concluded a visit without achieving an agreement on Turkey’s decision earlier this year to accept delivery of a Russian air defense system

Vote difference in Boston City Council at-large race shrinks to 5 as recount looms

Julia Mejia still leads Alejandra St. Guillen based on the latest count. Both candidates have said they would call for a recount. The city has a deadline of 5 p.m. Friday to count all absentee ballots and finish the initial count. It’s not clear how many of these ballots there are.

Takeaways from first day of House public impeachment hearings

In several hours of testimony, punctuated by occasional bickering among lawmakers, some memorable moments have emerged.

Patrick said to be launching presidential campaign as early as Thursday

Patrick on Wednesday called Democratic Party leaders, elected officials, and supporters, telling them he will enter the race as early as Thursday, according to a person familiar with the calls.

Top Ukraine diplomat testifies that withholding aid to Ukraine for political purposes is ‘wrong’

A top State Department official overseeing Ukraine policy and the top diplomat to Ukraine are testifying in a public hearing Wednesday as the impeachment inquiry moves into a new phase.