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Sean P. Murphy | The Fine Print

A woman gets some bad advice from her health insurer and faces a bill for nearly $3,000

Harvard Pilgrim told her that the total out-of-pocket cost for surgery was $200, she said. But then came a bill for nearly $3,000.

Chelsea residents see a powerful lesson in Puerto Rico’s 2017 hurricane devastation

The city’s Puerto Rican community supports an experimental project aimed at building a backup electric grid.


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I used my mutt as a DNA-test guinea pig

How much Chihuahua does Louie the dog have in him? Does he have some rat terrier, too? Dog owners are learning that DNA tests for their pets provide a lot of information, but they’re not definitive, and they raise questions.

Shepard Smith leaves Fox News Channel

Shepard Smith, whose newscast on Fox News Channel seemed increasingly an outlier on a network dominated by supporters of President Trump, abruptly quit after working at Fox since it started in 1996.

Trump announces partial trade deal with China

The president said Friday that the United States and China have reached a limited trade deal, marking the first tangible achievement in the 18-month trade war between the world’s two largest economies.