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‘Game of Thrones’ earns a record-breaking 32 Emmy nods

HBO’s ‘‘Game of Thrones’’ has slashed its way to a record-setting 32 Emmy nominations Tuesday for its eighth and final season.

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‘Avenue 5’ takes ‘Veep’ creator back to HBO

Armando Iannucci has created a space comedy set 40 years into the future, when space tourism is all the rage.

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Paramount show will revisit ‘Sexy Beast’ character

The network has announced an upcoming series that gives us the origin story of Gal Love, the character played by Ray Winstone in the 2000 film.


If I got to pick the Emmy nominees for comedy and limited series

I’m not trying to predict which nominations the Academy will announce on Tuesday, July 16, so much as force my own illusions and delusions onto you.

‘Orange Is the New Black’ leaves legacy for women of color

The award-winning Netflix series, which winds down with its final season on July 26, has become a showcase for actresses of color thanks to its nuanced story lines.

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Some TV series are more like movie sequels, and it’s not always a good thing

In the ultimate plot twist, TV dramas have gotten to be more like movies.

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Bravo gives ‘Cash Cab’ reboot the green light

The network says there will be a few changes: “The stakes are higher, the car will be upgraded and the questions will include more for lovers of pop culture,” according to a release.