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US can honor Navalny’s memory by supporting Ukraine aid

Putin is counting on the MAGA Republicans to continue to do his bidding.

Lawrence K. Altman

I’ve reported on the health of every president since Reagan. Here’s what I think about Biden and Trump.

How old is too old to be president of the United States?


When freedom’s leaders die, the movements they championed must continue

Years before his suspicious death, Alexei Navalny recognized that the pursuit of freedom is bigger than one person.


Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s sinking ship: All aboard the Titanic

"It bothers me every day that so many in the campaign can’t see the iceberg that is dead ahead," one former RFK Jr. staffer said.


Colleges should extend enrollment deadlines due to FAFSA delays

Prospective students face tight time frames to consider financial aid packages.

Kevin M. Simon, Kevin B. Churchwell, and Alastair Bell

We as a community need to address gun violence

Gun violence is a significant driver of increased rates of trauma-related mental illness.

Alexis Sargent

Negligent parents should be held responsible when their kids kill

Jennifer Crumbley’s failure to safely store the gun she and her husband purchased for their son, who went on to shoot and kill four classmates, was at the center of her recent trial.


Pain of child sex abuse victims knows no limits

Neither should the Massachusetts law that would allow civil lawsuits against institutions that violated their trust.