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A Michelin-starred chef opens a Bay Village sushi counter; MonteVerdi debuts along the Charles River this spring

Plus, more sushi for Chestnut Hill, and the return of Sharon’s A La Esh.


A little neighborhood restaurant was named a James Beard semifinalist. And then rumors swirled that it closed.

Here’s what the next chapter of Bywater in Warren, R.I., looks like

Will fast-food restaurants try surge pricing? Here’s how that might work.

There was a lot of talk this week that Wendy’s might start charging higher prices for burgers and fries during the busiest times of day. While the company backed away from the concept, the idea is far from dead.

Four Seas, a beloved Cape Cod ice cream shop that opened in 1934, is up for sale

Doug and Peggy Warren, who have run the shop for 24 years, said the family has owned the ice cream parlor since 1959.


Michael Schlow returns to Boston fine dining with Seamark at the Encore

He made his name at Radius and Via Matta. Now he’s betting big at the Everett casino.


Turkish breakfast isn’t just a meal — it’s an event. And Allston’s got two great spots for it.

Nearly side by side, Coffee Turco and Turkish Lazuri Cafe offer the perfect meal for sharing.


As North End reservation feud makes headlines, here’s what to know about restaurant cancellation fees

A would-be patron of Table in the North End has raised questions about the propriety of a $250 cancellation fee.


Bake away the winter blues with two Mediterranean-inspired cakes

Milk Street brings warmth to your kitchen with coconut cake and a Greek dessert that uses phyllo instead of flour.


Listening bars are popping up around Boston. So what are they exactly?

Chef Jamie Bissonnette recently announced he's opening a listening bar in Downtown Crossing, and it's not the only upcoming concept that combines drinking and listening to music in Boston. Here's what to expect.

Wendy’s looking to test surge pricing at restaurants as early as next year

Wendy’s is looking to test having the prices of its menu items fluctuate throughout the day based on demand, implementing a strategy that has already taken hold with ride-sharing companies and ticket sellers.


He walked in a hungry college kid ready to devour some ramen. He walked out with a job offer.

Yume Ga Arukara’s Tomohiro Shinoda shares his Japanese identity through food. "I’ve always just wanted to introduce authentic handmade Japanese noodles to the world."

Fill up your gas tank and your belly

Customers line up at the Gulf station in Wayland for Yo!Boca!Taco! inside, a tiny taqueria that serves up tacos on soft tortillas stuffed with chicken, beef, and pork that’s soaked up the flavors of homemade marinades.


Recipe: Cook soft, puffy homemade naan in a skillet (unless you have a tandoor oven) until it chars and blisters

This recipe is for Naan (Flatbreads) from the food section of The Boston Globe.