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5 restaurants we supported this week

Want to order from local, independent restaurants? Here are some suggestions from Globe staff.

A list of readers’ favorite takeout spots

We asked reader what their favorite restaurants are, plus added a few of our own. Explore the map below to get inspiration on where to get takeout tonight.


We can’t have all the sports we want, but we can have these sports beers

Bruins hockey is back, and so is a new Bruins beer for 2021. And Jack’s Abby Pride and Parquet should pair nicely with Jayson Tatum’s step-back.

If you’ve been missing Hot Dates, we’ve got you covered (in chocolate)

A new Somerville company is stuffing dates with spicy sunflower butter and covering them in dark chocolate and sea salt, "to keep you coming back for more."


Once a downtown lunch staple, Bonapita caters to new norms

Owner Ilan Barniv is rethinking his business model, but not his menu.


Want to improve your wine skills? Begin by ‘listening’ to the scent of gewürztraminer

From the Old World and the New, here are two examples that reflect classic gewürztraminer characteristics. Both are well worth a listen.

Craize crackers give tortilla chips some competition

Created by Leonardo Cotter, a food business executive from Venezuela, the crunchy, wafer-thin rounds with ragged edges have a generous size, which makes them an ideal platform for toppings.


The rules for tipping on takeout and delivery — and some other tips, too

Do you still tip 20 percent if you’re bringing your food home? Throw in a little extra for curbside pickup? Here are the etiquette commandments of COVID-era takeout and delivery.

At Grill 23 Butcher Shop, prime cuts to go

Several months ago, Back Bay steakhouse Grill 23 & Bar launched a butcher shop, offering assorted cuts of their signature Brandt Farm steaks to prepare at home.

Project Takeout

Independent restaurants are on the ropes. The owners, chefs, servers, line cooks, bartenders, and dishwashers who animate them are fighting hard to survive. The pandemic may have slashed seating capacity for customers willing to eat indoors. Winter may have howled down outdoor dining. But these businesses just need to make it a little longer — to the warmer weather, to the vaccine’s full rollout. They just need to make it to the other side.


Get takeout. It’s your civic duty.

Ordering dinner will help small local businesses survive the pandemic. But that’s just the start.

Ordering takeout is helping restaurants survive. Where’s your favorite local spot to order from?

As restaurants are struggling to make it through a difficult winter, ordering takeout is paramount to their survival. In an effort to compile a database of local businesses to support, we are asking you to fill out the form below with your favorite restaurant.