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Dogfish Head and Trillium combine on Tru-Action IPA

Beer fans wondering how a marriage of the two distinctive brands might work can taste for themselves with this week’s release of a collaborative beer called Tru-Action IPA.


Why I will always carry a flame for Sriracha

You never forget your first: the anticipation, the nerves, the after-burn.


Hot take: I’m cool with the Sriracha shortage

It’s one of the lesser condiments.


I have home garden burnout

I wrestled with the question as I pondered taking a year off from all that growing: Am I still a gardener if I am not a constant one?


Former Harvest chef Mary Dumont takes root near Fenway Park with PlantPub

In a couple of weeks, she’ll open PlantPub in the old Boston BeerWorks space on Brookline Ave. It’s the larger sibling to Kendall Square’s 24-seat version, where the menu is classic bar food without the animal products.


Gordon Hamersley, meet Gordon Ramsay

The chef of Boston classic Hamersley’s Bistro ate dinner at Ramsay’s Kitchen. Here’s how it went.


Nisachon Morgan of Saap Restaurant in Vermont wins James Beard award for Best Chef: Northeast

Morgan beat out fellow local nominees Tiffani Faison of Orfano in Boston; Damian Sansonetti of Chaval in Portland, Maine; Vien Dobui of CÔNG TỬ BỘT in Portland; and Courtney Loreg of Woodford Food & Beverage in Portland.

The Wine Press in Brookline adds essentials and specialty foods, filling a void left by Whole Foods

“People kept sticking their heads in asking if we sell milk,” says Aaron Mehta, so they opened a modest market within the store, stocking racks and coolers with basic groceries plus harder-to-find specialty foods.


Even a rookie bartender can master this reboot

The Ancho Reyes Southside is a piquant adaptation of the standard Southside, which is basically a minted gimlet — gin, lime juice, and simple syrup.


In Lowell school cafeterias, they’re serving up a taste of home

Recipes from the student-compiled "Tasting History" cookbook — containing family recipes from all over the world — are being served up monthly, and the students are eating it up.

Many uses for dark chocolate balsamic vinegar

Rich, syrupy, and luscious, its fruity sweetness offsets the acidity, while the cocoa gives the vinegar a depth of flavor.

Curio Spice Co. has a new blend to mark Pride Month

All proceeds from the sale of the Everything Rainbow blend will benefit the National Center for Transgender Equality.

Ming Tsai returns to Netflix ‘Iron Chef’ remake, debuting on June 15

“Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend” features Tsai competing alongside diverse and well-established chefs, including Gabriela Cámara, Dominique Crenn, Marcus Samuelsson, and Curtis Stone.