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For the holidays, homemade vanilla extract is a gift that requires just a sliver of your time.

Make vanilla extract at home for luxe flavor at a fraction of the cost

Vanilla extract is so easy, so cost-effective, and so satisfying, you may decide you’ll never again shell out your hard-earned money for the premade stuff in a tiny vial. Instead, make extract in larger containers and marvel at your own industriousness.

Elle Simone Scott prepares food on set at America's Test Kitchen on Aug. 27, 2018. America’s Test Kitchen and Perkins School for the Blind have partnered to make recipes accessible.

America’s Test Kitchen and Perkins School for the Blind partner to make recipes accessible

Visually impaired cooks have a new way to make their favorite meals.

Chef Masaharu Morimoto poses with food he created during the Food Network & Cooking Channel New York City Wine & Food Festival on Oct. 16, 2021, in New York City.

Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto on his favorite suburban sushi spot and what makes his ramen so tasty

His new restaurant, Momosan, opened recently at the new Hub Hall at The Hub on Causeway.

The Chokladballer is a chocolate oatmeal treat from Sweden.

For young chefs, eat2explore opens up a world of possibilities

Family cooking kits combine world cuisine preparation with cultural discovery.

Microplane’s new Mason Jar Lid Grater Set, which include a medium ribbon and fine graters.

Microplane grater makes your Mason jars even more essential

New tool fits into wide-mouth canning jars to catch shavings.

Bonbons decorated by hand, some with a brush, and some with an airbrush.

How chocolatier Liron Gal does what she does

The ChocAllure owner takes her bonbons to a new level. ‘This isn’t art you put up on the wall, it’s something you eat.’

Holiday food fight
Photo illustration.

Any way you slice it, turkey is divisive

Turkey for Thanksgiving — yay or nay? Not everyone agrees that turkey is worthy of its spot at the center of the table. To hash out this food fight once and for all, Globe writers Devra First (pro turkey) and Christopher Muther (not a fan) face off in the ultimate turkey fight.

Glazed ham is an easy, tasty, protein-packed alternative to turkey.

5 alternatives to turkey for your Thanksgiving table

The topic has been hotly debated: Is turkey overrated? Here are recipes for five festive mains, from honey ham to peking duck, that you can serve instead of the traditional turkey, or right alongside it.

After buying a sleek new stainless steel pot at a discount store from the Dutch company Combekk (center front), the writer looked around her kitchen and took a mini inventory (clockwise from bottom left): A school bus yellow Le Creuset pot in a color no longer in circulation; French stainless steel deep skillets and sauteuses (flameproof casseroles) from the famous Paris shop E. Dehillerin; a copper gratin pan from the same shop; a Le Creuset Dutch oven in turquoise and a saucepan in pale yellow, two more discontinued colors she found in the markdown section of a cookware shop.

A sleek new pot got the author thinking about what’s already in her kitchen

In the discount store she found a highly designed stainless steel pan and brought it home to join all the other saucepans and Dutch ovens she had bought over the years.

Bryan Greenhagen, founder of the now shuttered Mystic Brewery in Chelsea, shown in the tasting room in March 2013.

Where have all the Belgian beers gone?

More and more these days, Belgian-style beers are replaced on tap room and bar menus by an influx of new IPAs.

Latkes made from Mamaleh’s Delicatessen Fry At Home Latke Mix.

Mamaleh’s can help you with your latke problems

Stores are selling a Fry At Home Latke Mix, a ready-made quart of shredded potato, egg, onion, and salt ready to fry.

Nut-free baked goods from Lavender Bee.

The baked goods at Lavender Bee are nut-free

Kelsey Munger sold her nut-free sweet and savory baked goods at a few area farmers markets before opening the JP store.

Guittard chips.

Chocolate chips that are delicious even without the refined sugar

Guittard, whose baking chips are a favorite among home bakers and pastry chefs, recently introduced a new line, Beyond Sugar.