This cafe makes cakes that are art and drinks with state-of-the-art machines

Exquisite cakes in abstract, geometric shapes — each filled with four to six layers comprising mousse, spongy cake, confiture, cream, and crunch — line the display case.

2 New England restaurants among Bon Appétit’s top 50 new US restaurants

Bon Appétit plans to release its list of America’s 10 best new restaurants on Tuesday. On Monday, it unveiled its top 50.

Harvard grad competing in ‘MasterChef’ finale

DiGiovanni, who majored in food and climate studies at Harvard, is the youngest contestant ever to advance to the finals. The finale airs on Wednesday, Sept. 18, at 8 p.m.


Here are the two Oktoberfest beers our columnist is drinking in 2019

According to European regulations, only breweries in Munich can call their beers “Oktoberfest,” but plenty of American brewers have capitalized on the popularity of the tradition over the years.

Quick Bites

Taqueria El Barrio lifts up Boston’s Mexican food scene

Servio Garcia, co-owner and general manager of Bergamot and BISq, is originally from Mexico. He teamed with BISq chef Alex Saenz and Luis Figueroa for what has become a passion project for the trio.

hot ticket

‘Unidentified frying objects’ and otherworldly delights at Bukowski Tavern Cambridge

Organizers pulled the plug on the Storm Area 51 event in Nevada. But in Cambridge, you can still enjoy a close encounter of the extraterrestrial kind.


Nautilus Pier 4 to open in the Seaport

Is the Seaport turning into Nantucket North? Asian-meets-Latin spot Nautilus Pier 4 (NP4) will open in 2020.


A conversation with Kevin Alexander, author of ‘Burn the Ice: The American Culinary Revolution and its End’

In his new book, Alexander traces the seismic shift that occurred in the American food scene between 2006 and 2018.


Boston’s new restaurants: A look at the season’s most exciting openings

A neighborhood-y American restaurant from the O Ya team, a farm-inspired restaurant/cafe/market from L’Espalier’s former chef-owner, and much, much more.

Recipe: The hot summer has left plenty of sweet corn for this spicy chowder with potatoes

Chunks of golden potatoes bring comfort to this corn chowder, while poblanos and hot sauce add a slight heat.

The confident cook

Recipe: Sheet-pan chicken, tomatoes, and zucchini bake into an easy weeknight meal

Think of sheet-pan dinners as modern casseroles. Everything goes onto one pan and then you slide it into the oven to bake while you do something else.

Seasonal Recipes

Recipe: While the fast food giants are duking it out over chicken sandwiches, we’re making our own

In this homemade version of the wildly popular chicken sandwich, don’t bread and fry chicken, but rather brine it, then add seasonings and saute quickly in a skillet. Fewer calories, just as good.

What She’s Having

Freeze those ripe tomatoes for the middle of winter, when they’ll brighten a dreary day

The writer gave up canning and freezing years ago, but still tucks tomatoes into the freezer because there are some very simple ways to do it.