The confident cook

Recipe: Marinate pork chops with mustard, then grill them beside juicy tomatoes

Pork loin chops still on the bone have the best protection from the coals because they’ve got bone on two sides and a very thin rim of fat along the curved edge.

Gift from the sea: New Bedford’s bounty starts with scallops

Between the good scalloping years, there were bad ones, and a valuable lesson was learned about how to turn sea scallops into a sustainable fishery.

Q&A with Project Bread president Erin McAleer, on feeding kids through the summer

In Boston and many other communities, Sumer Eats programs kicked off in early July, but there are plenty of children whose families could use the help who aren’t taking advantage of the programs.

Portland restaurants you can actually get into

Those long waits at some of the Maine city’s top restaurants are a good excuse to branch out and try some spots that may not currently be on the hot list, but are spectacular nonetheless.

Getting Salty

Getting Salty with Ming Cao of JP Fuji Group

Under his cousin Jimmy Liang’s tutelage — “I was his student; he was my sensei,” Liang says — Cao rose to become the group’s executive chef, specializing in sushi. Whatever you do, don’t try to feed him noodles when he ordered dumplings.

Cosmetically challenged produce, delivered straight to your door

Now, fruits and vegetables that aren’t attractive enough for grocery store shelves — but edible and tasty just the same — have a new purpose, thanks to Imperfect Produce.


When it’s hot, buckle and make a Bee’s Knees

Its chill, which ushers in a muted botanical kick, is the opposite of the sizzling heat, and in this case, opposites certainly attract.

Seasonal recipes

Recipe: Fill a cornmeal cookie crust with fresh blueberries for a beautiful summer kuchen

Like many fruit pastries, this is very good served warm. To get the timing right, make the pastry the night before and bake the kuchen just before serving.

Seasonal Recipes

Recipe: It couldn’t be easier (or better) to grill pizza dough, then add zucchini slices and ricotta

Part of the fun of making pizza at home is tinkering with the process. One method is to grill the dough, which takes minutes. Add toppings and grill briefly again. You’re done. You’ll love it.


Art with your meal, and a new patio opens at Eataly

Restaurant news you can use.

Quick Bite

Peregrine in Beacon Hill is several cuts above a traditional hotel restaurant

At this second creation from the culinary power couple behind Juliet in Somerville, prices match the neighborhood. Happily, the quality matches the price.

Maine mom uses grilled salsa to advocate for autism

When Stephanie Lay posted a photo on Facebook of her son grilling salsa ingredients, she never imagined the order requests that would follow, and in a short period of time, the 100 stores, restaurants, and hotels on board with her vision and her three salsa products.

Recipe: A simple chickpea salad is sold as street food in Turkey

Chickpeas are soaked overnight, then tossed with sauteed onion, pepper, sun-dried tomatoes, sumac, cumin, lemon juice, and herbs.