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Latest Headlines in Obituaries

Lynn Seymour, acclaimed ballerina and a dramatic force, dies at 83

The ballerina was widely hailed as one of the greatest of all dance actors.

Frank T. Griswold III, bridge-building bishop, dies at 85

Bishop Griswold III presided at the ordination in New Hampshire of the Rev. V. Gene Robinson, the denomination’s first openly gay bishop.

Bobby Caldwell, silky-voiced R&B crooner, dies at 71

His “What You Won’t Do for Love” from his debut album was an R&B hit and he penned songs for an illustrious -- and varied -- cast of singers.

Chinese SARS whistleblower Jiang Yanyong dies at 91

Reports say Jiang Yanyong, a Chinese military doctor who revealed the full extent of the 2003 SARS outbreak and was later placed under house arrest for his political outspokenness, has died.

John Jakes, whose historical novels were big hits, dies at 90

The writer of historical fiction was most known for his multigenerational family sagas of the American Revolution and the Civil War.

Ann Uccello, first female mayor in Connecticut, dies at 100

Ms. Uccello won an upset victory in Hartford as a Republican in 1967.

Joe Pepitone, rowdy star when the Yankees faded, dies at 82

Mr. Pepitone won three Gold Gloves at first base and played in two World Series for the Yankees but may be best remembered for his high jinks.

Patricia Schroeder, congresswoman who wielded barbed wit, dies at 82

Ms. Schroeder was outspoken on issues that ranged from women’s rights and family matters to military policy.