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Latest Headlines in Obituaries

Lisa Lyon, bodybuilding pioneer and Mapplethorpe muse, dies at 70

A bodybuilding pioneer, Lisa Lyon stood at 5-foot-3 and weighed barely more than 100 pounds in her heyday but could lift more than twice her weight.

Lauch Faircloth dies at 95; GOP senator targeted D.C. home rule in crisis

A North Carolina hog farmer, Lauch Faircloth was a one-term Republican US senator instrumental in stripping the District of Columbia and Mayor Marion Barry of all authority to deal with an overwhelming financial crisis in 1997.

Hugo Blanco, environmental activist in Peru and beyond, dies at 88

For more than 30 years Hugo Blanco led marches against mines, rallied international support for the Amazon and organized efforts to expand autonomy for Indigenous people.

Fernando Botero, artist of whimsical rotundity, is dead at 91

A Colombian artist, Fernando Botero's voluptuous pictures and sculptures of overstuffed generals, bishops, prostitutes, housewives, and other products of his whimsical imagination made him one of the world’s best-known artists.

Tony Award-winner Michael McGrath, mourned as ‘adorable, mischievous, brilliant,’ dies at 65

Michael McGrath, a Broadway character actor who shined in zany, feel-good musicals and won a Tony Award for “Nice Work If You Can Get It,” has died.

Curtis Fowlkes, avant-jazz pioneer of the 1980s, dies at 73

With a fan base largely consisting of cognoscenti and fellow musicians, his Jazz Passengers' reputation far outweighed its sales.

Robert S. Bennett, Washington lawyer at home in a crisis, dies at 84

Mr. Bennett was one of Washington's most sought-after defense lawyers, known for steering companies, executives and political figures of both parties through moments of legal peril.

Eugene Peltola, husband of US Representative Mary Peltola of Alaska, dies in plane crash

US Representative Mary Peltola’s office announced Wednesday that the congresswoman’s husband died in an airplane crash in Alaska.