COVID-19 has me feeling alone, ‘interminably’

Does COVID-19 life mean no more dating? Help this reader.

Jerseys, photos, and signs: The Fours will auction off more than 1,000 pieces of sports memorabilia

It’s quite a trove, as anyone who ever had a pint at the beloved Boston sports bar can attest.

There’s more tragedy for singer Bobby Brown

The Roxbury-bred R&B star’s 28-year-old son, Bobby Brown Jr., was found dead at a Los Angeles residence on Wednesday. The death, which is not considered suspicious, is yet another calamity for Brown, whose ex-wife, singer Whitney Houston, died suddenly in 2012, followed three years later by the death of the couple’s only child, 22-year-old Bobbi Kristina Brown.

New Reebok line honors teachers who are reimagining education during the pandemic

In September, Reebok honored nurses and frontline workers with a superhero shoe collection. Now, the second Reebok x Wonder Woman campaign puts the spotlight on another group of essential workers: teachers.


Here’s one skier’s approach to a most unusual winter

Let’s not have "Reckless skiers ruin things for everyone" be a real headline this season.


Ron Pownall talks Turkey, photography, and dreams of New Zealand

We caught up with the famous rock ‘n’ roll photographer to talk about all things travel.

Amid the anxiety, a Globe photographer finds scenes of kindness, patience, hope

These pre-Thanksgiving scenes, captured by a Globe photographer, show how Boston is carrying on.

New mom needs respite and empathy

Advice for the real world.

The Hallmark Channel is an escape. So is staying in an Airbnb on a Christmas tree farm. We decided to double dip

A quick getaway helps this mother-daughter duo get in the spirit.

10 New England travel joys we are thankful for this year

We have had to dig deeper, discover new places, and learn to appreciate some of the region’s more subtle pleasures.


Logan named safest airport in the country, but study finds US airlines lagging behind international carriers

A website called the Safe Travel Barometer pulled together a series of lists that looks at COVID-19 safety protocols across 10 different industries. Here are the results from the airline study.

Whistling chef leaves line cook boiling mad

Advice from Amy Dickinson.


The philosopher of fermentation

Long before kombucha became the new Coke, Sandor Ellix Katz was teaching people to appreciate the bubbly, funky, flavorful landscape of fermented foods.


Double booked on Airbnb — can I get a refund?

When Lisa Huynh accidentally double-books herself at an Airbnb, she tries to cancel one of the stays. But Airbnb insists that she keep her reservation, even though she can’t be in two places at the same time. Is there a way to cancel one booking?