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Delight the wine lover in your life with ‘The New French Wine’

Jon Bonné's latest masterwork makes the perfect gift for every oenophile.


Let sisters Susan and Lauren Fain of Quicksilver Baking Company make the rugelach for you

The crisp, tender crescent cookies with fruit and nut fillings have roots in Eastern Europe and are a beloved treat at Hanukkah.


Wandering Soul brewery launches a comeback beer, Dark Clouds Must Pass, and a micro taproom on wheels

Plus: A line of nonalcoholic beverages called Hidden Path.


Recipe: You won’t be intimidated by this method for mushroom Parmesan souffle and you’ll love the results

This recipe is for Mushroom Parmesan Souffle from the food section of The Boston Globe.


Recipe: Bake a rich, elegant mushroom tart with puff pastry for a holiday spread

This recipe is for Mushroom Tart from the food section of The Boston Globe.


She holds the Guinness World Record for the largest private cookbook collection. Now she’s having a garage sale to sell some of them.

For Lisa Ekus of Hatfield, cookbooks are armchair journeys, a way to embrace a culture or illuminate the past. “The stories of how a dish came about, who made it, and their influences have been my passion,” she says.


CVS to launch new pharmacy reimbursement model aimed at simplifying drug pricing

CVS Health Corp. plans to change how its more than 9,000 pharmacies get paid with a new reimbursement model designed to simplify drug pricing.

Here are the top 25 most-viewed articles on Wikipedia for 2023

The most popular article this year was about ChatGPT, the AI chatbot that’s seemingly everywhere today.


For this Southie-based blogger, food is everything — including a big part of her success story

Sarah Fennel started a food blog, Broma Bakery, as a college student in 2010. Now, she has millions of readers and social media followers.


What it takes: Region’s lauded chefs say they learned it working at pizza joint in high school

Their careers intertwined since they worked together for early mentor Walter Slater, Kevin O’Donnell and Will Rietzel are teaming up once again, this time at Giusto in Newport.


It’s soup season. Here are 9 superior bowls to try in Rhode Island.

Matzo ball, okra stew, wonton, pozole, and other classics to explore.


Boston’s best holiday dining secrets

Singing waiters. Martial arts displays. Hot tub booths and clandestine poutine. Impress your friends and family with our gift to you: a dazzling guide to curiosities, calzones, and even cannabis.


Many Americans ration insulin to save money. One nonprofit is trying to make the life-saving drug more affordable.

Eric Moyal is the founder and executive director of Project Insulin, a Providence-based nonprofit working to ensure that every American has access to affordable insulin.

Oxford University Press has named ‘rizz’ as its word of the year

Oxford University Press has named “rizz″ as its word of the year to highlight the popularity of a term used by Generation Z to describe someone’s ability to attract or seduce another person.


A man picked up the phone

My wife says nothing happened.

Local vets urge caution but not panic over ‘mystery’ respiratory illness found in dogs

Boston-area veterinarians said they have received a surge of calls from concerned dog owners following media reports about the “mystery illness,” which in some cases has developed into pneumonia and even led to death.