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Multiple children removed from Medway home over safety concerns

The children were "transported for medical evaluation,” police said.

Alfred Grosser, champion of French-German reconciliation, dies at 99

Alfred Grosser, a French political scientist and historian whose writings and activism played a major role in conciliating two ancestral enemies, France and Germany, in the wake of World War II, died on Feb. 7 in Paris. He was 99.

Roger Guillemin, Nobel-winning physician with fierce rivalry, dies at 100

Roger Guillemin work on hormones produced by the brain helped lead to the development of the birth control pill and treatments for prostate and other cancers.

Micheline Presle, French movie star of ‘Devil in the Flesh,’ dies at 101

An actress who conveyed icy poise and heated passion with equal vigor, Micheline Presle most memorably starred in “Devil in the Flesh,” a 1947 drama about wartime adultery that became an international sensation.

Car plunges into river in Westborough

The driver was the only person in the car and was out of the water and on the river’s edge when emergency responders arrived.

Girl, 8, suffered life-threatening injuries in Foxborough crash between SUV and ambulance

The girl was extricated from the wreckage and rushed to Sturdy Memorial Hospital. She was later flown to Massachusetts General Hospital.

Sun fires off strongest solar flare in 7 years

It was an explosive finale to a trio of intense flares bursting free in just 24 hours.

The Tooth Fairy is paying kids less for teeth nationwide, but kids in the Northeast get more 🧚

According to an annual poll from Delta Dental, the average price paid by the Tooth Fairy for a baby tooth has dropped for the first time in five years, to $5.84.