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State reports outbreak of foodborne illness

Cyclosporiasis is typically contracted from eating fresh, imported produce. It is not passed from person to person, and health officials advise making sure to wash all produce and kitchen tools.

Adrian Walker

Will people of color ever feel that they belong in the Seaport?

A new survey commissioned by the Conservation Law Foundation confirmed what many suspected: people of color feel far less welcome in the Seaport than white residents.

Witnesses describe Cape storm damage: ‘The winds started spiraling out of control’

“The next thing we knew, the roof was just lifted up . . . like a blanket,” Jason Couse of Belchertown said. “The scariest thing I’ve ever been through.”

Dave Epstein

Tornado on the Cape? A look at how it happened

For the second day in a row, a tornado warning was issued across parts of Cape Cod. While yesterday’s thunderstorms brought strong, damaging winds, today’s brought an actual tornado.

Photos: Storm damage on Cape Cod

Wind gusts partially tore the roof off a local motel and left thousands in the region without power when scores of trees and electrical lines came down, officials said.

Angry Orchard says actions of staffers who racially profiled couple during proposal were ‘inexcusable’

Cathy-Marie Hamlet wrote that she and her friends were repeatedly targeted by security staff at a New York orchard operated by the Boston Beer Company. The company issued a public apology Tuesday.

Man uses powerful magnet to pull an Uzi and other firearms out from the bottom of Pillings Pond

All of the firearms, five in total, appeared to be loaded, according to police.

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Who are you going to call when (gasp!) your kids have lice?

Lice Treatment Center Metrowest brings its services, and all-natural shampoo, to families, schools, and camps.

Five elderly siblings reunited in Peabody

“We started our lives together and we are so lucky to be ending our lives together,” said Mary Cena, 92.

Should the MBTA proceed with a pilot plan for daily commuter rail service to Gillette Stadium?

Read two views on the question and vote in our online poll.

Once an immigrant, now she helps others

Once an immigrant, Saska Icitovic of Lynn now helps others who fled oppression in their native lands.

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