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Free swimming lessons expanding in Boston; Mayor Wu announces more funding

Mayor Michelle Wu’s office said Thursday that the city is working to expand opportunities for Boston youth to participate in free swimming lessons.


Letting go of the myth

Americans hold an almost religious devotion to the notion of meritocracy, and with it, to the fiction that all one needs to succeed is to work hard. Economist Jeff Fuhrer argues otherwise.

‘We are on our own’: Mass. Democrats weighing tightening shelter program amid migrant influx, lack of federal help

Massachusetts House Speaker Ron Mariano said state policymakers need to reconsider how they handle a shelter program where costs are expected to reach nearly $1 billion this fiscal year and another $1 billion in the next.

Surprise! Michigan’s Whitmer checks in on Democrats at Massachusetts State House.

Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat who has taken on an increasingly national profile, also spoke with Governor Maura Healey on Wednesday, aides to both governors said.

State panel approves Gabrielle Wolohojian, Healey’s former romantic partner, for Supreme Judicial Court bench

Gabrielle Wolohojian, an appellate court judge, has been widely lauded for her experience and temperament. But her personal history with Governor Maura Healey has raised questions, chief among them how she would handle cases involving the governor.

Mitch McConnell announces he will step down as Senate Republican leader in November

The longest-serving Senate leader in history announced he will step down from that position in November.

An obscure elected panel is poised to approve Healey’s former romantic partner to SJC

The vote by the Governor’s Council will cast a spotlight on the obscure elected body that is responsible for vetting judicial nominations and, in recent years, has approved nearly every selection governors have put before them.

‘Now is our moment to seize!’: Lawmakers, leaders honor Dominican community at first annual Independence Day breakfast.

The first Dominican and Afro-Latina to be elected to the Boston City Council, Councilor Julia Mejia, along with fellow Dominican councilors Enrique Pepén and Henry Santana, hosted the event.