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Latest Headlines in Politics

Mayor Michelle Wu signs new council district maps

Wu did not make a statement on the new boundaries, but earlier this week praised the council for its “intensive work to reach consensus on a tight timeline.”

In passing Senate budget with key differences from House, it sets up summertime fight

After days of negotiating, the Massachusetts Senate unanimously passed a nearly $56 billion spending plan Thursday for fiscal year 2024, which begins July 1.

Boston police lieutenant facing OUI charge was previously fired, rehired after another incident

John Earley, a 25-year veteran who made more than $211,000 last year, was arrested Sunday and charged with driving under the influence. In 2015, he was involved in an accident and reportedly had been drinking.

North Carolina GOP lawmaker assailed for questioning Black colleague’s Harvard credentials during floor debate

A North Carolina Republican lawmaker has come under fire for asking a Black Democratic colleague who attended Harvard University if he would’ve gotten into the Ivy League school if he wasn’t “a minority” or “an athlete.”

With deadline looming, Boston City Council approves new district map

The council acted with surprisingly little drama, less than a week before a critical deadline for ensuring the fall elections remain on schedule.

Boston City Council set to vote Wednesday on new district map, with bitter disagreements still unresolved

After more than six hours of confrontational testimony and bitter debate during a hearing Tuesday, it remained unclear exactly what the proposed map will look like, and how much support it will draw from councilors.

Amy Carnevale was elected to clean up the Mass. GOP. She’s got her work cut out for her.

The new party chair knew when she took over in February that her job was to rebuild the party. But even she didn’t realize the scope of the mess she inherited.

Immigration advocates ‘hopeful’ new Healey hires will bring better coordination to migrant response

She’s plucked the new hires from the front lines of dealing with Americas broken immigration system — two heavily involved in nonprofit work and one with more than two decades of experience defending immigrants in court.