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Latest Headlines in Technology

Netanyahu talks to Elon Musk in California about antisemitism on X and artificial intelligence

The Israeli leader told the tech businessman he hopes that within the confines of the First Amendment he can find a way to clamp down on antisemitism and other forms of hatred on his social media platform.

Could a wave ‘speed bump’ protect coastal communities from storm surge?

Alex Berkowitz's company, Coastal Protection Solutions, is working to build Wavebreakers, structures floating offshore that decrease the height and velocity of destructive waves.

TikTok hit with $368 million fine under Europe’s strict data privacy rules

It marks the first time that the popular short video-sharing app has been punished for breaching Europe’s strict data privacy rules.

Boston agtech firm Indigo Ag raises big round but sees drop in value

The 10-year-old company raised $250 million in new funding but took a steep reduction in valuation, well below the $3.5 billion it reached in 2020.

Apple will update iPhone 12 in France after regulators said it emitted too much radiation

The company has agreed to install updates for the iPhone 12 in France after French regulators ordered the company to stop selling the model because it emits electromagnetic radiation levels that exceed European Union standards.

How often do men think about ancient Rome? Quite frequently, it seems.

It's been almost 2,000 years since the Roman Empire reached the historic peak of its power. But many men still contemplate it - quite a lot.


What would happen if Google loses its antitrust case?

In opening statements, lawyers for the Justice Department and state attorneys general accused Google of making unfair deals to favor its search engine, such as paying Apple more than $10 billion a year to be the default on iPhones and Macintosh computers. Consumers could have benefitted if other search services protected their privacy better or offered other innovations, they argued.

The iPhone 12 emits too much radiation and Apple must take it off the market, a French agency says

A government watchdog agency in France has ordered Apple to withdraw the iPhone 12 from the French market, saying it emits levels of electromagnetic radiation that are too high.