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Latest Headlines in Housing

Debate rages about MBTA housing law, but all’s quiet in Braintree as deadline nears

Braintree town officials are set to present a state-mandated rezoning plan for the first time in late November, just one month before it must be approved and sent to the state.

Chief executive of National Association of Realtors resigns

The action came two days after a federal jury ruled that the powerful organization conspired to inflate home commissions.


Sunshine, Florida State football, and affordable housing. Are you game for Tallahassee?

The lack of affordable housing has become a defining characteristic of the Boston region.

After tense debate, Arlington adopts new housing plan

The town is the largest yet to approve a plan required by a 2021 state law that mandates denser housing in communities served by the MBTA.

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Meet the new millionaires tax: A proposed fee on home sales over $1 million

Communities would be able to adopt a real estate transaction fee of 0.5 percent to 2 percent on the portion of a property sale over a $1 million and put the funds toward affordable housing programs.

Healey’s big new housing push includes $4 billion in funding — and controversial tax and zoning changes

State officials estimate that the proposal could create more than 40,000 new homes — a large portion of which would be set aside for low- and middle-income households — over five years.

Ten things to know about Governor Healey’s $4 billion housing bond bill

The bill proposes more than two dozen policy changes and three executive orders.

Cambridge passes new affordable housing rules, paving the way for taller buildings

The amendments, which passed the council on a 6-3 vote, mark one of the more ambitious local efforts to address the affordable housing crisis in Massachusetts.