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More New Hampshire Political Headlines

Carine Hajjar

Chris Christie takes on mission impossible in GOP presidential nomination race

Though it’s not likely the New Jersey governor will win the nomination, the questions he raises about fellow Republicans resonate with New Hampshire voters.

National Democrats punt New Hampshire primary decision to October

New Hampshire Democrats told The Globe the delay is just prolonging the inevitable: they will have the first-in-the-nation primary no matter what the DNC says or does.


Trump eligible for ballot as far as N.H. election officials are concerned

Possible disqualification of the former president under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment would be a question for the courts, not secretaries of state, officials conclude.


N.H. and the commitment to its first-in-the-nation primary tradition

The DNC could punish New Hampshire for not giving up their first-in-the-nation primary date, but state Democrats aren’t quaking in their boots. “I’m not worried at all,” said the former lawmaker who crafted the law that requires N.H.’s primary be scheduled seven days before any similar contest.


Sununu will share a stage with Ayotte. Don’t read too much into it.

It’s reasonable to wonder when the popular Republican governor, who’s not seeking reelection, might endorse a GOP contender in the race to succeed him. But that may not be the case here.

As Republicans compete in New Hampshire, ‘parental rights’ come to the fore

Parental rights — a term used as shorthand largely by conservative groups that oppose how public schools approach race, sexuality, and gender identity — is the latest culture war being waged in New Hampshire and elsewhere.

James Pindell | ANALYSIS

Guess who’s running for president from his basement now? Donald Trump.

Amid four separate criminal indictments and all the court maneuverings involved, Trump isn’t actually, you know, campaigning. But for now, maybe he doesn't have to.


N.H. Republicans announce latest efforts to curb illegal immigration at the northern border

Lawmakers will again try to ban sanctuary cities this upcoming legislative session, but some spoke favorably about expanding legal immigration to address the state’s workforce shortage