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More New Hampshire Political Headlines


No-excuse absentee voting? In N.H., it’s not so simple.

Other states in New England allow it, but New Hampshire Secretary of State David M. Scanlan said it would require a constitutional amendment to do so in the Granite State

Lawmaker seeks official pronunciation of ‘Concord,’ New Hampshire’s capital city

A New Hampshire lawmaker wants to amend state law to include an official pronunciation of the capital city, one of many communities called Concord across the country.


Lawmakers consider sending aid to N.H.’s Seacoast to address storm damage

State lawmakers heard testimony on Senate Bill 590 today, with representatives from coastal towns noting that $700,000 in damage was inflicted during recent, severe winter storms.

N.H. House mourns loss of 18-term Democrat

Representative Sharon L. Nordgren, 80, from Hanover, was remembered as a spirited “powerhouse” for the legislature and her party.


N.H. House rethinks ‘unreasonable’ public records fee

Under current law, public agencies can charge for the actual cost of producing physical copies of the documents requested.

Federal cybersecurity agency launches program to boost support for state, local election offices

For state and local election officials, the list of security challenges keeps growing.


Democratic representative defects to Republican party, widening Republican lead in N.H. House

New Hampshire’s House of Representatives has been closely divided. Ahead of Thursday’s House session, Representative Matthew Coker of Meredith announced he had joined the Republican party.

Should speeding drivers in N.H. enjoy a 10-mile-per-hour buffer?

House Bill 1063 would add a 10-mile-per-hour cushion to New Hampshire’s posted speed limits. But some lawmakers warn of serious safety concerns.