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Latest Headlines in Books


Author readings around Boston Dec. 4-10

All author appearances are in person and free unless otherwise noted.


Local bestsellers for the week ended Nov. 27

Based on reporting from the independent booksellers of the New England Independent Booksellers Association and IndieBound.

How capitalism crushed the environment, according to historian Douglas Brinkley

Brinkley, a professor of history at Rice University, is out with a weighty new book about the environmental movement that started — and was thwarted — as early as the 1960s.

Working On It

‘Anywhereists’ are free to live wherever they want, and there’s the rub

Melody Warnick’s new book, “If You Could Live Anywhere,” is for workers who are free to choose where they live.


Cormac McCarthy’s first novels in 16 years hold their own among his best work

In McCarthy’s new pair of novels, the universe remains hostile and unresolved, the author himself uncompromising.


A new study of John Singer Sargent views the painter through a 21st century lens

Paul Fisher, a professor of American studies at Wellesley and author of a collective portrait of the James family (“House of Wits”), continues the reappraisal of Sargent in “The Grand Affair,”


Netflix and poetry in Darryl Pinckney’s post-pandemic literary life

Pinckney recounts his long apprenticeship in his new memoir “Come Back in September: A Literary Education on West Sixty-Seventh Street, Manhattan.”

Story Behind the Book

Science and domestic life come together in Mary Beth Albright’s ‘Eat & Flourish’

What research tells us about food and mood.