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Young Venetians volunteer after flood of their lifetimes

As soon as waters receded from this week’s devastating flood, about 50 young Venetians wearing rubber boots and gripped by a sense of determination showed up at the city’s Music Conservatory to help save precious manuscripts.

Car bomb in northeast Syria kills at least 12, activists say

Syrian opposition activists say a car bomb has killed at least 12 people in a northern town controlled by Turkey-backed opposition fighters.

Photos: Exceptionally high tides roll through Venice

High tide on Friday peaked at 5 feet above sea level, flooding the streets of the lagoon city and highlighting the threat rising sea levels pose to the sinking city.

3 protesters dead in clashes over key Baghdad square

Iraqi security forces fired live ammunition and rounds of heavy tear gas in renewed and bloody clashes with anti-government protesters in central Baghdad on Friday, killing three people, while Iraq’s top Shiite religious leader warned its government to heed calls for sweeping political reforms.

High tides surge through Venice again

Exceptionally high tidal waters rolled relentlessly through Venice again on Friday, forcing the closure of St. Mark’s Square to the public and flooding most of the lagoon city’s already devastated center before easing.

UK police warn candidates about safety

British police are unveiling new tactics to protect politicians amid the country’s fraught, even hostile political atmosphere, issuing safety recommendations for candidates running in the country’s Dec. 12 general election.

US ‘flexible’ on military exercises with South Korea as North demands cancellation

The United States will consider changing plans to conduct joint military exercises with South Korea if that helps support diplomatic efforts to restart a dialogue with North Korea, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said on Friday.

Israel says it has completed Gaza strikes after rocket fire

Israel said early Friday it has completed a series of airstrikes on targets linked to the Islamic Jihad militant group in Gaza after overnight rocket fire that rattled a day-old truce.