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Pope cancels trip to Dubai for UN climate conference on doctors’ orders while recovering from flu

Pope Francis canceled his trip to Dubai for the UN climate conference on doctors’ orders Tuesday, even though he is recovering from the flu and lung inflammation, the Vatican said.

Pope punishes leading critic Cardinal Burke in second action against conservative American prelates

Francis, in a separate matter, canceled his trip to Dubai for the UN climate conference on doctors’ orders.

Fearful, humiliated, and desperate: Palestinians heading south in Gaza face horrors

For the tens of thousands of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip who have fled the northern part of the enclave where the heaviest fighting has been taking place, evacuating to the south has been a perilous journey.

Wife of Ukraine’s spy chief was poisoned, officials say

A large amount of heavy metals was found in Marianna Budanova, who is recovering, doctors said.

Files suggest climate summit’s leader is using event to promote fossil fuels

The UAE has sought to use its position as host of the climate summit to pursue a contradictory goal: to lobby for oil and gas deals around the world, according to an internal document made public by a whistle-blower.

NATO leaders try to pin down US on Ukraine aid as Republicans waver

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg insisted that Ukraine would remain a top priority and he predicted that US assistance would continue — not only to protect US security interests but also because it’s “what we have agreed.”

Americans love avocados. It’s killing Mexico’s forests.

While deforestation in places such as the Amazon rainforest or Borneo is driven by cattle ranching, gold mining, and palm oil farms, in Mexico, it is fueled by the voracious appetite in the United States for avocados.

Indian rescuers pull out all 41 workers who were trapped in a tunnel for 17 days, minister says

The drawn-out rescue mission that grabbed the country's attention for days has ended.