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Ben Affleck texted Tom Brady about his future with the Patriots. This was his response

“Me and Matt [Damon] texted him, and said, ‘What’s the deal? You going or you staying?’" Affleck said of Brady Tuesday on ESPN.


White House Correspondents’ Dinner returning to its comedic roots

Enlisting professional comedians to anchor the night marks a return to tradition, after the White House Correspondents' Association took a left turn last year by inviting historian Ron Chernow instead.


Mary Steenburgen thinks you are capable of growth

Just over a decade ago, Mary Steenburgen awoke from minor arm surgery and began to hear music - everywhere. Every street sign she read, every sentence she heard got swept up into what she refers to as a "musical tornado." Words and melodies swirled around in her head. She was terrified.


Director Jeff Wadlow on turning campy ’70s show ‘Fantasy Island’ into a horror movie

Jeff Wadlow discusses reinventing campy '70s TV show "Fantasy Island" as a horror movie.


Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick honor late playwright Neil Simon at the Colonial Theatre

Elaine Joyce, wife of the late playwright, made a special presentation to commemorate Simon's connection to the Boston theater.


‘Stranger Things 4’ trailer confirms the return of a major character

Series creators the Duffer Brothers gifted fans with a peek into the show’s fourth season on Friday.


Nat Faxon on skiing in New England, the perils of family vacations, and his new movie ‘Downhill’

Faxon has endured his fair share of family retreats, but he didn’t draw too heavily on personal experiences to make his new dark comedy of errors, starring Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.


Massachusetts honeymooners who survived a plane crash, piranha-infested waters, and starvation lived to tell the tale to NPR

Come Valentine’s weekend, their odyssey will air nationally on NPR’s “Snap Judgment” and stream as a podcast.