Here’s how Bailey, Elizabeth Warren’s golden retriever, is reacting to news of Warren dropping out

Bailey was seen on the campaign trail.
Bailey was seen on the campaign trail.Sue Ogrocki/Associated Press

Elizabeth Warren’s fluffiest surrogate apparently didn’t take the news of her departure from the presidential race very well.

Soon after the Massachusetts senator announced that she was ending her 14-month-long presidential campaign on Thursday, a Warren press aide tweeted a video that showed Bailey, Warren’s golden retriever, chowing down on an innocent bystander’s burrito.

In the video, a small crowd could be seen trying to pry what was left of the burrito from the mouth of a reluctant Bailey.

But Bailey’s Twitter fans quickly came to his defense, arguing it’s been a long day for the pup and maybe he deserves a treat. Earlier in the day, Bailey was spotted through a window of Warren’s Cambridge home wondering what all the commotion was about as a large crowd of media gathered outside.


But, as others pointed out, those trying to retrieve the burrito may have only had Bailey’s health in mind. Some foods, like onions, are toxic to dogs.

Bailey was a fixture on the campaign trail, often appearing alongside Warren in selfie lines. Bailey even traveled to Iowa in the closing days of the campaign there to act as something of a surrogate while Warren served as a juror in the impeachment trial of President Trump.

“As you can see, it’s all paws on deck,” Warren’s husband, Bruce Mann, said at the time. “While Elizabeth is doing her constitutional duty in Washington, she has a lot of people — and a dog — standing in for her.”

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