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Love Letters presents Taking Care: pandemic help from mental health professionals

Advice columnist Meredith Goldstein interviews experts about how we can get through this time of stress and social distancing

We’re all in this together, but we’re experiencing it very differently.

At Love Letters, we want to help you however we can, and one way is to give you access to mental health professionals who have advice about how to cope with the new normal.

Below are episodes of Taking Care, which feature interviews with experts who have a range of specialities. These videos don’t replace one-on-one diagnostic therapy, of course, but they’re a start. You can sign up for the next session — and submit your own questions — here.

Episode 5 features Bob Linscott, assistant director at the LGBT Aging Project at The Fenway Institute in Boston. Linscott, who has also taught meditation and mindfulness for more than 20 years, talks about how older adults are experiencing quarantine, and how younger people can support them. He explains what it means to be mindful right now, and how the body and mind connect about stress. This video includes a live meditation activity.

Taking Care with Meredith Goldstein featuring Bob Linscott
This week, Meredith chats with Bob Linscott, assistant director at the LGBT Aging Project at The Fenway Institute in Boston.


Episode 4 features wisdom from psychotherapist Lori Gottlieb, author of “Maybe You Should Talk to Someone.” She talks about self-care, what therapists are experiencing right now, and how to support friends and family when everyone’s stressed at the same time.

Taking Care with Meredith Goldstein featuring Lori Gottlieb
Meredith talks to psychotherapist Lori Gottlieb about self-care, staying hopeful in an uncertain future, and supporting loved ones when everyone's stressed.

Episode 3 features Ellen Braaten, co-director of the Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds at MGH. Braaten answers questions about how kids understand and process the pandemic, and how parents can help.

Taking Care with Meredith Goldstein featuring Dr. Ellen Braaten
Meredith Goldstein and Dr. Ellen Braaten discuss how we can stay healthy with our families during this difficult time.

Episode 2 features superhero clinical psychologist Drea Letamendi, who’s an expert on psychology and pop culture and how we can practice healthy escapism. Letamendi talks about rules for screen time, the benefits of a good TV show (even for kids), and what we can learn from Batman, in general.

Taking Care with Meredith Goldstein featuring Dr. Drea Letamendi
Meredith Goldstein talks to Dr. Drea Letamendi, a licensed clinical psychologist, about how we can stay connected even when we’re apart.

Episode 1 features Monica O’Neal, a Boston-based, Harvard-trained clinical psychologist who was interviewed during the early days of social distancing. She spoke about anxiety, relationship stress, and the problem with “toxic positivity.” Catch O’Neal on the new Bravo show “Camp Getaway” on May 4!


Taking Care with Meredith Goldstein featuring Dr. Monica O'Neal
Boston Globe Love Letters advice columnist Meredith Goldstein in conversation with Dr. Monica O'Neal, a Harvard-trained relationships expert.

Meredith Goldstein can be reached at meredith.goldstein@globe.com. Send questions to the Love Letters column at loveletters@globe.com. You can find the Love Letters podcast, including a bonus episode about dating on Facetime, here.