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Coyote found and removed from boat at yacht club in Lynn

A young coyote had walked onto the boat at the Volunteer Yacht Club in Lynn.Daniel Proulx/Swampscott Animal Control/Daniel Proulx

There was something fishy aboard a boat docked at Volunteer Yacht Club in Lynn Friday morning.

A young coyote had walked onto the boat and was safely ensconced inside the cabin. The boat’s owner called state environmental police at 9:30 a.m. to report the uninvited guest, a state spokeswoman said.

“He had also reported that they had seen the coyote hanging around the area for the last few days,” Katie Gronendyke, a spokeswoman for the state Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, said in an e-mail.

State Environmental Police responded to the yacht club located on the Lynnway. Since Lynn’s animal control officers were tied up, Swampscott’s animal control officer responded to help remove the coyote from the boat.


A catch pole was used to loop the “terrified” coyote around the head in about five minutes, said Daniel Proulx, Swampscott’s animal control officer.

"We escorted it out to the entrance of the yacht club and released it out to the grass area,” Proulx said in an interview Friday evening. “[We] made sure no one was around and we released it because it was healthy and we didn’t want to put it down, or couldn’t relocate it.”

The coyote had a slightly bloody mouth from trying to bite the pole, but other than that it was not injured, Proulx said

While Proulx said that he’s worked with coyotes before, he’d never heard of one winding up on a boat.

“Never in my life,” Proulx said. “When I was told that there was a coyote on a boat, my first thought was how could it get on there?”

The coyote, which was about seven to eight months old, is at the age when they are pushed out of their dens and sent on their own, Proulx said. It was probably drawn to the boat because of the smell of fish.


“That’s my personal feeling is that it was pushed out of the den," Proulx said. "So he’s just trying to locate a new area to live in and he probably was drawn to the boat’s fish smell, looking for food or something.”

Adam Sennott can be reached at adam.sennott@globe.com.