Blind date: ‘I bet she has a great poker face’

Will this extrovert and an introvert delve any deeper?

Amaris K. and Joseph C. on their Zoom blind date.
Amaris K. and Joseph C. on their Zoom blind date.Handout

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JOSEPH C.: 41 / physician assistant

On a desert island, he’d bring: A guitar, spearfishing gear, surfboard

Notable qualities: First on the dance floor at a wedding

AMARIS K.: 38 / nonprofit project manager

When she is happiest: In the water (lake, ocean, pool)

What makes her a catch: She will race you to finish a mini crossword



Joseph I put on a collared shirt and gave myself a once-over in the mirror.


Amaris I drank a glass of wine and talked dating strategy with my roommates.

Joseph I thought she was cute and normal looking. Nice hair, attractive face.

Amaris I could tell Joe was fit, and he confirmed that when he shared about his running and hiking. I don’t think someone has to be super fit to find them attractive, but it was a nice bonus.


Joseph We spoke about what I ordered for food (sushi). She had already eaten Ethiopian food and I discovered that she is vegetarian.

Amaris The first thing Joe asked was where I had ordered food from. I felt sheepish because I had been hungry before our date and told him I’d already eaten. He said, “I hope you don’t mind me stuffing my face,” and I said it was totally fine.

Joseph She was [temporarily] in Washington, D.C., helping out family. We discussed where we lived before Boston. We both enjoy running around the Charles River (probably me more than her). It was all light conversation; we did not dig into any juicy stuff.

Amaris I learned he’s an identical twin and that he’s Irish (born in Ireland!). I went into the date somewhat worried we’d have nothing in common. But we had a fine conversation and he seemed like a nice, interesting person.


Joseph I ordered from Fat Baby. The crunchy tuna roll is delicious. A- for the food.

Amaris I ordered a veggie combo from Deset Ethiopian Restaurant in D.C. I found the variety of veggies, levels of spice, and injera bread to be very tasty.

Joseph I got the sense that she is an introvert and I am the opposite. She seemed even-keeled through the whole thing, maybe slightly reserved. I bet she has a great poker face.

Amaris At one point, his roommates' chocolate Lab was barking in the background, so he put the camera on the dog (whose cuteness did NOT disappoint). I found that charming and thought, There could be some potential here.


Joseph It had been 90 minutes and the date was winding down. We kissed the screen to say goodbye. Joking! We exchanged goodbyes and I said something along the lines of, I think we will get each other’s information?

Amaris We said that we should do it again — as in a virtual date — or see each other when we’re both back from respective travels.


Joseph Not sure. I would be interested to meet up in person to see if there is any chemistry. Or I could just chalk it up as another Well, she was nice. . . .


Amaris Probably. I would like to learn more about him and his values. We didn’t venture into deeper territory that might provide a better indication of compatibility.


Joseph / B+

Amaris / A