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Interactive: See how COVID-19 hospitalizations have spiked around the US since March

A therapist checked the blood oxygen level of Rosa Hernandez, who was on a ventilator in the COVID Medical Intensive Care Unit at Houston Methodist Hospital in July.Erin Schaff/NYT

COVID-19 has spread lethally, yet unevenly, through the 50 states since arriving earlier this year. While the overall toll has been staggering — more than 220,000 dead as of publication and no signs of slowing down — the coronavirus has ebbed and flowed through different regions of the country over the past several months.

The graphic below shows the outbreak in 50 states according to hospitalizations, one of the key metrics health experts use to determine the severity of an outbreak in a region. Click the play button to see how COVID-19 has taken hold across the country through 2020.

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