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Holiday hijinks are always on the menu when sitcoms celebrate Thanksgiving, as the annual Turkey Day festivities serve as the perfect backdrop for friendly drama and family dysfunction. From dinner debacles and party fouls to funny flashbacks and food-fight feuds, the world of television has given audiences so many memorable Thanksgiving moments over the years. Have a laugh as you wait for the food to cook and guests to arrive with these 10 classic episodes you can stream this Thanksgiving.

CHEERS, “Thanksgiving Orphans”

As travelers head back to places where everybody knows their names, why not spend some time with Sam, Norm, and the rest of the “Cheers” crew. In the ninth episode of season five, the Boston bar patrons find themselves alone for the holiday and decide to have a Friendsgiving-style potluck at Carla’s house. Things slowly go awry though, as tensions rise while they wait for the turkey to finish cooking, culminating in an epic and extremely messy food fight at the dinner table. Available on Hulu, Paramount+, Peacock

"Community" cast members are front (from left): Yvette Nicole Brown and Joel McHale; middle (from left): Danny Pudi, Gillian Jacobs, and Alison Brie; back (from left): Ken Jeong, Donald Glover, and Chevy Chase.
"Community" cast members are front (from left): Yvette Nicole Brown and Joel McHale; middle (from left): Danny Pudi, Gillian Jacobs, and Alison Brie; back (from left): Ken Jeong, Donald Glover, and Chevy Chase.NBC Universal, Inc.

COMMUNITY, “Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations”


Thanksgiving dinner becomes a grueling punishment for Abed, Troy, and most of the study group in the fifth episode from season four of the beloved NBC comedy. Parodying “The Shawshank Redemption,” the “Community” pals try to evade Shirley’s watchful eye and escape an awkward get-together with her in-laws. Meanwhile, Jeff has his own family problems as he meets his dad and half-brother, played by guest stars James Brolin and Adam Devine. Available on Netflix and YouTube

FRESH OFF THE BOAT, “Huangsgiving”

Turkey Day takes a hilarious and hectic turn for Jessica and her family in “Huangsgiving,” the eighth episode from season two of the hit ABC sitcom. Finally getting a chance to host Thanksgiving, Jessica goes all out to put on the perfect dinner in hopes of out-doing her sister, who usually runs the show each year. However, a football-fueled injury and a raw bird in the oven force the Huangs to scramble in order to save their holiday meal. Available on Hulu


FRIENDS, “The One With All the Thanksgivings”

The long-running sitcom and its forgotten spin-off “Joey” have nearly a dozen Thanksgiving episodes between them, but the franchise’s most memorable entry is likely “The One With All the Thanksgivings,” episode eight from season five. “Friends” fans will remember this one for its ‘80s flashbacks to dinners past at the Geller household, Chandler losing a toe, Phoebe recounting her past life as a war nurse, and of course, Monica wearing a turkey on her head with giant sunglasses. Available on HBOMax

GILMORE GIRLS, “A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving”

Attending one Thanksgiving dinner can be pretty stressful, but four in one day? Lorelai and Rory attempt to do just that as they race around their sleepy New England town in the ninth episode from season three of the fan-favorite comedy-drama. From tofurkey with Lane to a fry fest with Sookie and Jackson, it’s a packed holiday for the mother-daughter duo. Things get even more complicated as Rory reveals her application to a certain Ivy League institution. Available on Netflix

IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA, “The Gang Squashes Their Beefs”

Charlie, Dennis, and the rest of “The Gang” have made a lot of enemies over the years, but when the maniacal misfits realize that some of these feuds are hampering their Thanksgiving celebration of hoagies and movies, they decide to finally make peace. In the 10th episode from season nine, “The Gang Squashes Their Beefs,” the colorful characters from the City of Brotherly Love invite their foes over for a Thanksgiving meal in hopes of forgiveness. Spoiler alert: things don’t go quite as planned. Available on Hulu



In honor of Thanksgiving (and to live out his repressed childhood dreams), Dwight throws a massive hay festival for families to enjoy in the Dunder Mifflin parking lot in “WUPHF.com,” the ninth episode from season seven. While the assistant to the regional manager is outside playing Hay King, Michael is inside fending off Pam, Andy, and others who want out of their bad investment into Ryan’s business scheme, which is only days away from running out of funds. Available on Peacock

REBA, “Thanksgiving”

Playing a fiery and funny single mom, country icon Reba McEntire stars in this eponymous sitcom, which featured a big, blended Texas family. In the ninth episode from season four, Reba once again butts heads with Barbara Jean, her ex-husband’s new wife, as they fight over holiday hosting duties. While the episode features the typical tête-à-tête laughs between Reba and Barbara Jean, they also share a heartfelt and humorous moment as they talk about their growing families. Available on Hulu

SEINFELD, “The Mom & Pop Store”

This unforgettable episode from the fan-favorite series features a ton of classic moments, as well as a few major guest stars. In “The Mom & Pop Store,” episode eight from season six, actor Jon Voight appears as the possible previous owner of George’s new car, while Bryan Cranston returns as Jerry’s eccentric dentist Tim Whatley. However, everyone except Jerry gets invited to Whatley’s “Thanksgiving Eve” party, which he decides to crash anyway and ends up ruining by accidentally pushing a statue out a window that pops a balloon in the Thanksgiving Parade. Available on Netflix


THE SIMPSONS, “Bart vs. Thanksgiving”

Halloween specials may be the long-running, animated sitcom’s bread and butter, but the show also knows how to crack a Thanksgiving joke or two. In “Bart vs. Thanksgiving,” episode seven from season two, Bart runs away from home after being punished for causing quite the scene at the dinner table. But after a run-in with Mr. Burns’s hounds and sharing a meal at a soup kitchen, the rambunctious rugrat learns the true meaning of the holiday and gains a new appreciation for his family. Available on Disney+ and Hulu

Matt Juul is a writer based in Boston. Follow him on Twitter @RunTheJuuls.