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Melrose releases plan to reduce city’s carbon footprint

Melrose has finalized a plan showing how it intends to reduce the city’s carbon emissions to net zero by 2050.

The plan’s 31 strategies range from electrifying residential heating systems to promoting a switch to electric vehicles, introducing greener transportation options, and using clean energy to power the local electric grid.

The document, released during Melrose’s Earth Week celebrations, was created by the city’s Office of Planning and Community Development in collaboration with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council. It targets greenhouse gas emissions released by the use of fossil fuels to heat and cool homes and businesses and power lights, electronics, and vehicles.


“Our research has shown that most of our greenhouse gas emissions are a result of the cars we drive and the fuels we use to heat our homes and buildings,” said Martha Grover, Melrose’s sustainability manager. “This plan — and our ambitious goals — outline how we as a community can do our part to reduce the impact of climate change.”

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