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Wellesley launches Recycling & Disposal Facility app

The town of Wellesley has launched a new Recycling & Disposal Facility app for mobile devices to help people manage their waste more sustainably.

“Reduce, reuse, and recycle are key strategies for conserving our precious resources, keeping trash out of landfills, and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions,” said a statement issued by town officials. “The new RDF App simplifies the do’s and don’ts of waste management and will help you make better use of a treasured Wellesley institution.”

The RDF App allows people to search for information, such as how to recycle items like plastic bottles, cardboard, and food waste.

Jamie Manzolini, the town’s Recycling & Disposal Facility superintendent, said in the statement that solid waste generated in Wellesley makes up approximately 6 percent of the town’s greenhouse gas emissions.


“Most greenhouse gases from waste handled by the RDF emanate from organic material decomposing in a landfill,” he said. “Diverting this material away from the landfill through reduce, reuse, and recycle practices, and especially food waste diversion, lowers our waste-related carbon footprint.”

The new app also helps support Wellesley’s Climate Action Plan by expanding access to the facility’s services and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

The Climate Action Plan provides a roadmap for achieving townwide goals, including reaching net-zero emissions by 2050, the statement said.

The new app can be found by searching for “Wellesley RDF” in app stores, the statement said. People also can access the app at

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