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The story of Albert DeSalvo as told in The Boston Globe

Albert DeSalvo was arrested in 1967.Noonan, Ollie Globe Staff

Long before Albert DeSalvo confessed to being the Boston Strangler, he was Boy #402, one of the subjects of an exhaustive study of the lives of juvenile delinquents. Now, author Dick Lehr has uncovered a trove of researchers’ notes about DeSalvo’s early life dating back to the 1940s.

Explore the Globe clippings below to see how the newspaper covered DeSalvo’s early crimes, his trial in a series of assaults, and his death.

March 19, 1961 ― DeSalvo is arrested on suspicion of “casing” homes

May 3, 1961 — DeSalvo is sentenced for assault, attempted breaking and entering

Nov. 6, 1964 — DeSalvo is arrested in an another assault case


Jan. 7, 1967 ― As his assault trial begins, DeSalvo says he’s the Boston Strangler

January 15, 1967 — Diverging portraits of DeSalvo emerge from prosecutors, neighbors

Jan. 19, 1967 — DeSalvo is convicted, sentenced to life in prison

Nov. 26, 1973 — DeSalvo is stabbed to death in prison

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