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Melrose asks public how to design new ‘wayfinding’ signs

Melrose is seeking the community’s help in designing signs to help visitors and new residents navigate the city.

Officials in 2020 embarked on an initiative to improve “wayfinding” and to engage local artists in helping revitalize the city’s public spaces. In the project’s first phase, focused on “placemaking,” murals, pavement markings, sculpture, utility box painting, and other art installations were created across the city.

Melrose is now preparing for the second phase, the placement of signs, kiosks, and other informational displays to help direct people to different locations. As part of that effort, the city is conducting a survey through Aug. 1 seeking input from residents and businesses on their preferred signage style concepts.


“We’re excited to see the results of the survey and the resulting impact our community will have on the development of our new signage, which will be installed in the coming months,” Mayor Paul Brodeur said.

To access the survey, go to cityofmelrose.org/wayfinding-survey.

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