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Tell us: When is the right time to put up holiday decorations?

Some revelers start decking the halls as early as Nov. 1, or sooner. How long do you wait to start spreading cheer?

A reveler wore an elf hat while admiring the Christmas tree following the Macy's Downtown Boston Tree Lighting & Window Unveiling on Nov. 25, 2016.Craig F. Walker

Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is still weeks away, but many people are already eager for the winter holiday season to get started — and they’re happily decking the halls.

The debate over when, exactly, it’s the appropriate time to hang up holiday lights and stockings is once again dividing people online.

Some revelers have a live-and-let-live attitude about Christmas merry-making, at a time when the weather is better suited for apple cider donuts and leaf-raking duties.

Others think that any premature celebrations — before the stuffing has even been served — should be off-limits.

Where do you stand? Is it time for the wreaths and lights to come out of storage? Or should people keep everything boxed up until the in-laws leave the Thanksgiving table?


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