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What’s new — and returning — to ‘Masterpiece’

From left: Jyuddah James, Rose Williams, and Crystal Clarke in "Sanditon," which returns for its third and final season on March 19.Simon Ridgway/Red Planet Pictures/PBS via AP

Here’s a quick look at what’s coming up on PBS’s “Masterpiece.”

1. The adaptation of Jane Austen’s “Sanditon” is returning for its third and final season on March 19. That’s the show that was brought back from cancellation by passionate fans, who were willing to embrace writer Andrew Davies’s heavy alterations to Austen’s unfinished final novel. Will Charlotte finally get her Austenian happy ending?

2. On April 30, “Masterpiece” is premiering a new four-episode series based on Henry Fielding’s 1749 classic, “Tom Jones.” It has been adapted by Gwyneth Hughes, whose credits include Amazon’s excellent 2018 adaptation of “Vanity Fair” and the HBO miniseries “Five Days.” In the press release, Hughes calls the novel “the mother of all romcoms,” adding that it’s “sexy and fun; it’s also a dramatic rollercoaster, addressing modern concerns around consent, sexual equality and the pursuit of happiness.”


Solly McLeod, who played Rhaenyra’s husband’s lover on “House of the Dragon,” stars as Tom Jones, with Sophie Wilde as Sophia Western. Also on board: Hannah Waddingham from “Ted Lasso,” who plays the vengeful Lady Bellaston.

3. “Magpie Murders,” the entertaining six-part mystery starring Lesley Manville that ran last fall, is getting a sequel also based on an Anthony Horowitz novel. Like “Magpie Murders,” “Moonflower Murders” will also be a six-parter adapted for TV by Horowitz and starring Manville as book editor turned sleuth Susan Ryeland. No date yet.

4. “Masterpiece” is going to run the three-part “Nolly” in this country. The series is from Russell T Davies, the impressive writer-producer of “Years and Years,” “Torchwood,” “Queer as Folk,” and “Doctor Who.” About Noele “Nolly” Gordon, a popular British TV star in the 1960s and ‘70s whose abrupt firing from the soap opera “Crossroads” in 1981 made headlines, it will star Helena Bonham Carter in the title role. No date yet.


Lesley Manville will reprise the role of Susan Ryeland in the "Magpie Murders" sequel “Moonflower Murders.” Bernard Walsh/Eleventh Hour Films

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