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Another cancellation to lament: ‘Reboot’ gets the boot

Paul Reiser and Rachel Bloom in Hulu's "Reboot."Michael Desmond/HULU

I’ve already complained about a few recent cancellations, all by HBO Max, that haven’t been sitting well with me, including “Gentleman Jack,” “Love Life,” and “Minx,” which, fortunately, was quickly rescued by Starz.

Now comes news of another irritating cancellation, and this one really surprised me. Just as it dropped Zoe Kravitz’s “High Fidelity” after only one promising season, Hulu is letting go of “Reboot,” which premiered last September. The ax came down on Monday, inspiring a grief-filled social media post from cast member Johnny Knoxville. Grief-filled with a side of ‘tude: “Hopefully,” he wrote, “it will find a home with a studio who believes in and knows how to properly support a new show as it continues to grow.”


Meanwhile, Hulu recently premiered the second season of one of the worst comedies on all of cable, broadcast, and streaming: “How I Met Your Father.”

I really liked “Reboot,” which was created by Steve Levitan of “Modern Family” and “Just Shoot Me.” It was an original series about the lack of originality in Hollywood. As the father-and-daughter showrunners on a reboot, Rachel Bloom and Paul Reiser were fiery goodness, embodying the changes in comedy over the decades. And the ensemble, featuring Keegan-Michael Key, Judy Greer, Krista Marie You, Knoxville, and Calum Worth, had all kinds of potential.

According to Deadline, Levitan is shopping the show around town and one streamer has already expressed interest. Let’s see if “Reboot” can get a renewal.

While Hulu has axed "Reboot," it is moving forward with a second season of "How I Met Your Father," with Hilary Duff (left) and Francia Raisa.Patrick Wymore/Hulu

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