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This book is stuffed with ideas for fans of sandwich cookies

xxann - Cover of “Stuffed: The Sandwich Cookie Cookbook” by Heather Mubarak. (Published by Chronicle Books)Chronicle Books

“This is a book for cookie lovers, which pretty much means this is a book for everyone in the whole entire world, because who doesn’t love cookies?” So begins “Stuffed: The Sandwich Cookie Book” by Heather Mubarak, creator of the popular Browned Butter Blondie baking blog. Mubarak assembled 65 creative sandwich cookie recipes, including the classics such as chocolate chip cookies with vanilla buttercream, oatmeal cookies sandwiched with brown buttercream, s’mores cookies stuffed with toasted marshmallows, and instructions for Oreos and Milanos. Browse through the pages of fun recipes for funfetti cookies with cake batter buttercream, and strawberry shortcake macaroons. Chocolate dominates others. Recipes for ice cream sandwich creations are included too — a seven-layer cookie with vanilla ice cream, banana split ice cream sandwiches, and one called root beer popcorn cookie. No reason you can’t mix and match the cookies, fillings, and frostings. There are recipes for savory bites as well, such as Parmesan pizzelle with whipped herb cream cheese, and cornbread cookies with honey mascarpone. There’s also a chapter with tips and explanations, like “Know your oven” and “Don’t overmix the dough.” These would be helpful for newbies, and perhaps good reminders for experienced bakers as well. $29.95. Available at bookstores and online booksellers after April 4.



Ann Trieger Kurland can be reached at anntrieger@gmail.com.