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Clinton’s Goldman Sachs remarks to be published as book

Hillary Clinton speaking at a recent campaign stop in Charlotte, N.C. Mary Altaffer/AP/file

Election season is winding down, but it appears likely that a new book will help keep the partisan rancor burning bright. OR Books, an independent publisher based in New York, says it will publish “Hillary Clinton: The Goldman Sachs Speeches” in January.

The 160-page book includes leaked content from speeches Clinton made to the investment bank shortly after she stepped down as secretary of state. The texts of the talks were initially released in October by WikiLeaks and had been hacked from a breach in the e-mail account of John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign manager.

The speeches and the closeness of Clinton’s ties to Wall Street had emerged as an issue during her Democratic primary battle with Bernie Sanders. At that time the Clinton campaign refused to release transcripts of the talks. WikiLeaks released the material about four months after Clinton had secured the nomination. The campaign has since refused to either confirm or deny its authenticity.


According to a description of the book on the OR Books website, “The former senator for Wall Street reassured her hosts that she had ‘a lot of respect for the work you do and the people who do it.’ She insisted that the best people to determine the regulation of the banks were ‘the people that know the industry better than anybody’ namely ‘the people who work in the industry.’ ”

The book will includes an introduction from WikiLeads head Julian Assange himself and annotation by Doug Henwood, a journalist, trader, and contributing editor to the Nation.

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