Lil Wayne, ‘I Am Not A Human Being II’

Over the past three years, Wayne has made more news with his upside-down personal life than with his inconsistent music. This sequel to 2010’s pre-jail rush job finds the MC, who recently had serious health problems, flailing in an attempt to recapture the stoned Seuss-ian magic of his peak years. At his best, Weezy was inventively witty and even his loopiest verses had an internal logic. Here he’s slumming, going for lazy verse punctuations and relying on easy rhymes. At times, the strain shows (“never talk to cops / I don’t speak pig Latin,” “so much weed / I have grass stains”). He’s defiant and unrepentant about his drug use, but hardly inspired. There are pointless songs about his sexual exploits; “Hello,” is an obvious “Rebirth” cast-off; and the one song with hints of introspection, “God Bless Amerika,” is maddeningly vague. Despite two potent blasts, “Gunwalk” and “No Worries,” the disc is both numbingly haphazard and inconsequential. (Out now)



ESSENTIAL “No Worries”