Bijou Fridays: Goldroom

At Bijou Nightclub, 51 Stuart St.,
Boston. Friday at 10 p.m. Tickets: $15-$25. 617-357-4565,

The deal: Josh Legg, a.k.a. DJ Goldroom, is tuning in to his Massachusetts roots as he brings his West Coast mellow to the Theater District. The Wellesley native moved to Los Angeles to pursue his competitive-sailing dreams, and then came back to shore remixing island beats and making electronic waves. “Oftentimes when I’m making music, or painting a scene sonically, I tend to see music or boats, another huge part of my life,” Legg said in a phone interview. His remix for Niki & the Dove has been streamed on YouTube over 25 million times, and the title track of his “September” EP hit 2 million listens on Soundcloud. He’s popping in to Bijou Nightclub Friday before setting sail for Philadelphia.


The music: Soulful soloists and warm-weather beats evoke images of summer sunset bonfires and limes peeking out of Corona bottles. “When I started this project, I tried to focus on modern dance music production incorporating live instrumentation,” Legg said. “People tend to describe the music as tropical; I call it dance music for the backyard, dance music for the beach.”

The crowd: Goldroom’s laid-back vibe tends to attract the easygoing escapist. He’s played venues across the globe, and Legg appreciates the diversity of his fanbase. He does notice a clear commonality: “It’s a group of people looking for a dance party, but they’re not ravey kids or fist-pumping bros.”

The tip: According to Goldroom, “tropical attire is encouraged,” so break out that Hawaiian shirt and the Bermuda shorts, and get ready to brace that Boston cold.