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No, David Crosby is not sorry for calling a fan a ‘Trump dummy’ on Twitter


Left-leaning singer David Crosby — yes, of Crosby, Stills & Nash fame — got into it on Twitter with a fan who apparently wasn’t happy when the musician started talking about politics at his show in Arlington, Mass., on Monday.

And one thing’s for sure: Crosby is definitely not sorry.

The fan, whose Twitter profile identified him as Craig Rabe, tweeted to Crosby on Tuesday that he “loved” his show in Arlington — “until you brought up your political views.”

Two hours later, Crosby retweeted him, calling him a “Trump dummy” and telling the fan that maybe he should avoid Crosby’s shows in the future.


The musician’s tweet quickly garnered thousands of likes and retweets. By Wednesday, it had gone viral, with more than 38,000 likes and 7,000 retweets.

In a phone interview with the Globe, Crosby passionately defended his stance, saying that he disagreed with fans who think artists like him should “shut up and sing.”

“It’s not part of the deal,” he said.

Crosby said he thought President Trump was an “imbecile,” and brought up the band’s song “Ohio,” a protest to the four killed at Kent State University in 1970.

“We thought it was the right thing to do, to sing it, to call attention to it,” he said.

Crosby said he was singing “What Are Their Names” at Arlington’s Regent Theatre — in which he croons, “I wonder who they are/The men who really run this land/And I wonder why they run it/With such a thoughtless hand” — before speaking his mind about current politics.

“I was saying it seems like the corporations have bought our Congress and that they’re not responding to us, but instead are taking care of their wallets,” Crosby said.

When asked about the fan who disagreed with him, the singer shrugged it off.


“He just really wanted me to shut up because he’s a Trump supporter and he doesn’t like that I think Trump’s an idiot,” Crosby said, adding, “I don’t care too much he doesn’t like it.”

Rabe could not be reached for comment.