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TV Critic’s Corner

More ‘Gilmore Girls’? Here’s what the numbers say.

Lauren Graham (left) and Alexis Bledel in “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.”Saeed Adyani/Netflix/AP

Will there be more “Gilmore Girls”? “I don’t rule anything in my life out” is series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino’s non-answer answer to that question.

My guess is a little more positive, now that I’ve seen the ratings for the series revival posited by a research firm called Symphony Advanced Media. Netflix has consistently refused to release any numbers regarding its original series, but Symphony extrapolates ratings based on a group of 15,000 people (compared to Nielsen’s 40,000 homes).

Symphony is saying that “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” is already a hit for the streaming service. The company reports that about 4.9 million of the TV world’s most desirable viewers — those between 18 and 49 — watched all four episodes of the revival in the first three days after it was released.


That puts “Gilmore Girls” after the fourth season of “Orange Is the New Black,” which drew 5.8 million 18-49-year-olds in the first three days, and “Fuller House,” which drew 7.3 million. And, naturally, many more viewers will be checking into “Gilmore Girls” as holiday-season bingeing continues to rage over the next few weeks.

In other words, the show is already something of a hit, which probably means Netflix will do whatever it can to bring it back.

By the way, age range means little to Netflix; it’s the ad-driven TV outlets that need to pay attention to age, since advertisers prefer the young ’uns with purchasing power. Still, looking at the 18-49 demo does offer a strong sense of overall numbers.

Netflix has 47.5 million subscribers in the US, and 39.2 million around the rest of the world.

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