Nick Chambers hopes to someday be able to quit his day job and perform comedy for a living.
Nick Chambers hopes to someday be able to quit his day job and perform comedy for a living.Craig Chambers/Handout

Age: 30

Hometown: Worcester

Think of: He has the conversational tone of Kevin Hart, but with a much more laid-back delivery. He can do smart observational stuff like Tom Papa — and sing like R. Kelly.

What caught our eye: The song snippets he posts to Instagram for #FakeSongFriday, based on vintage photos from flea markets and rummage sales posted by fellow comedian Ken Reid. His thought process? “If Marvin Gaye were on Tinder, how would that go?”

Light bulb moment: Chambers knew he wanted to pursue stand-up after the first time he tried it at an open mike in 2009. It was kind of a lark to celebrate his birthday, and he almost didn’t go when the list filled up before the show. But when someone dropped out, his fate was sealed. “I went up there and it went pretty well, and I haven’t been able to stop since.”

Biggest thrill: Chambers has managed to land a few parts in movies in his short career, and he was especially impressed when he got to the set of the first one, “Good Kids,” starring Zoey Deutch and Ashley Judd, in 2014. “Working one day at a day job and then the next day being at a movie set was really tough but exciting, to kind of go back and forth.”


Biggest surprise: As much as he loves stand-up, Chambers is happy to step into a different character’s shoes at the Comedy Studio’s weekly “Studio Studio” show and the monthly “Old School Game Show.”

Inspired by: Chambers likes to see how other comics build their jokes, whether that’s Dave Chappelle in a big theater or a younger comic at an open mike. “Now that I do comedy, I kind of watch comedy differently.”

Aspires to: “Quitting my day job.”

For good luck: Chambers once had a preshow ritual. “The day I was going to perform I would buy a new black shirt and wear it. I don’t know why. But that’s not fiscally responsible.” Now his preshow ritual is just making sure he’s prepared. “Get there on time,” he says, “have the material I’m going to do figured out.”


What people should know: The man can tell a joke and caress a tune (he grew up singing in church with his brother and sister), and he also has the technical skills to produce his own songs and Instagram videos. “I love doing stand-up, and that’s good for now, but I’m still figuring out what I can do with it.”

Coming soon: He’ll be doing a short set at “The People’s Show” at ImprovBoston Sunday night, but you can catch him hosting the Ron Funches show at Laugh Boston March 3-5, and he’s recording a stand-up album April 15-16 at The Gas at Great Scott in Allston.

Nick A. Zaino III

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