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Football fans love to debate whether Tom Brady or Peyton Manning is the more prolific passer, but there’s no arguing Manning’s status as the more prolific pitchman.

Yet Brady soon will star in a goofy, Manning-esque commercial for DailyMVP fantasy sports, the website’s parent company, TopLine Game Labs, said Tuesday. The ad is still in production but will be similar to a new DailyMVP commercial featuring Los Angeles Lakers guard Steve Nash as a librarian, in a wig and thick-rimmed spectacles .

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

For an all-time great quarterback, Brady’s advertising portfolio is fairly limited. When he does appear in marketing campaigns, it is typically in GQ-style images for UGG footwear or intense TV spots for Under Armour athletic apparel.


Meanwhile Manning -- whose Denver Broncos visit the Patriots on Sunday -- appears in too many commercials to count, often poking fun at himself and others while occasionally wearing ridiculous costumes. Last year Forbes magazine estimated Manning’s annual endorsement earnings at $12 million, compared to Brady’s $7 million.

Brady’s deal with DailyMVP also is noteworthy because just two weeks ago the Patriots announced a sponsorship agreement with DraftKings, another daily fantasy sports website. The Patriots were the first NFL franchise to partner with a company that runs fantasy football contests.

Both the Brady and Patriots sponsorships reflect the exploding popularity of fantasy sports. The Fantasy Sports Trade Association estimates 41.5 million people in the United States and Canada participate in fantasy sports contests, more than double the number who played in 2007.

On fantasy sports sites users role-play as general managers of imaginary teams. They draft actual players, like Brady and Manning, to create their rosters and score points when the players they pick perform well on the field.


Short-term contests, like those offered by DailyMVP and DraftKings, are the latest trend pushing fantasy sports into the mainstream. Conventional contests last several months -- a commitment that turns off some casual fans who can’t be bothered with constantly managing their rosters as players suffer injuries or rest during bye weeks.

DailyMVP fantasy football contests begin anew with each week’s slate of NFL games. Users draft new lineups every time and, if they have put money on the line, collect their winnings right away. They can play as often or as little as they want over the course of a season.

Brady’s commercial is scheduled to begin airing late in the NFL season, a time when many conventional fantasy football participants are eliminated from their leagues and may be looking for another way to play.

Will the dapper QB sport a head of faux hair, like Nash?

“I can’t give away the details,” said TopLine chief executive David Geller. “But I can say it is Tom in a different way from how you’re used to seeing him. It’s a lighthearted version of Tom.”

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